We are not really stranger to Vakumterap, is the equivalent of our traditional methods of cupping process in today's technology, it will not be accused of exaggerating. The only difference, is the fact vakumterap developed in order to respond to aesthetic concerns...

Vakum Terapi

What are benefits of vacuum therapy? In which therapies is it used

Vacuum Therapy is successfully used for:

  • Elimination of cellulite,
  • Rounding up the loosenings and droops in skin,
  • For thinning and tightening the part where lipoidosis occurs
  • For removal of contour disorders,
  • Increasing lymph drain,
  • In oedema treatment,
  • For roundişng up and the skin and increasing llymph drain after liposuction.

Also it is useful as it is cupping method for removing shoulder and back aches, and rheumatism pains.

In which regions is it used? Can it be used in every region?

Vacuum therapy is generally used at hips, basins and calves. Application is not performed in scar and open wounds, and regions having infection.

Is it applied to everyone?

Vacuum Therapy is not applied in

  • Cancer patients,
  • Pregnant,
  • Patients having bleeding problem and Von Willebrand disease,
  • Patients having varicosis and trombophlebitis diseases.

Number of Sessions

Although Number of vacuum therapy sessions change according to person , it average lasts for 10-12 sessions. First reactions are taken in 6-8 session and effects began to be seen.

Session durations and Session Intervals

Vacuum therapy sessions last average 30 minutes. Application can be made with 2-3 day intervals depending on person.