To improve the quality of life, to have both physically as well as mentally healthy structure, techno-medical world offesr a new technology but the fact that's not quite true In fact, means new technological... The use of ultrasonic waves vibrating on the body is based as far the Ottomans were benefited through music therapy for sound treatment in the physical and mental ailment . Farabi, Razi, Ibn-i Sina and Gevrekzade Hasan Efendi studies are very important in this area. Even Farabi, separated Turkish music according to modes and there is even a study on the issue, 'which treatment should be used in which modes. Nowadays this technology are used in aesthetics, rehabilitation, fitness and sports fields.

Titreşimli Ultasonik Dalga Tedavisi

What does Ultrasound Vibrating Waves do? In which treatments are they used?

They are used in medical aesthetics area in;

  • Increasing lipid destruction,
  • Decreasing Cellulites
  • For speeding up basal metabolism
  • For increasing growing hormone
  • For decreasing stress hormone

They are used in fitness and sports areas:

  • To increase muscle strength and reflex,
  • To increase flexibility at joints.
  • For decreasing muscle tiredness after sports

They are used in rehabilitation areas:

  • For improving muscle systems,
  • For preventing degenerative diseases,
  • Increasing blood flow and lymph circulation,
  • For decreasing the physical pains,
  • For increasing bone mineral density.

Is Vibrating Ultrasonic Wave treatment Applied for Everyone?

Vibrating Ultrasonic Wave treatment is not applied

  • In pregnant
  • People who had joint or bone surgery (platinum)
  • People who use pace maker

Effect of Vibrating Ultrasonic Waves in Medical Aesthetics Area

Most of women want to have beautiful body lines, and a flexible skin and they want to protect this. Protecting normal hormone secretion, circulation and healthy digestion is important for reducing cellulite, speeding up the basal metabolism and delaying the aging period. Vibrating ultrasound waves will help you to enjoy the healthy life.

Vibrating Ultrasonic Waves are effective at loss of weight, reducing cellulites, speeding up the basal metabolism, improving the digestion process by stimulating the organ within abdomen, aesthetics and beauty, hormonal balance, mental and sexual force, increasing bone density, physical treatment, elongating length, increasing sportsman condition and strength, and improving lymph circulation since it increases the voltage inside body.

Effects of Ultrasonic waves at fitness &sports areas

Vibrating Ultrasonic waves stimulate not only the big muscles but also the big ones by means of stretching and relaxation methods. So it provides better and faster stretching and better healing. Vibrating Ultrasonic Waves is an effective exercise method which increases flexibility and mobility and provides improvement in reflex and balance feeling.

For sportsman point of view; Ultrasonic waves which reduces the sportsman injury by simple and easy stretching, helps rapid elimination of muscle tiredness which occurs after exercise, training or match and improves flexibility of joints, muscle reflex and durability, and balance sense by proprioceptive neuromuscular faclitation. (PNF)

Effects of Vibrating Ultrasonic Waves in Rehabilitation area

Vibrating Ultrasonic Waves raise the neural system for proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation within scope of physical rehabilitation, helps prevention of musculoskeletal and other degenerative diseases, strengthens the metabolism for better blood and lymph circulation, reduces the physical pains take them under control.

Medical Science Monitor

It was foreseen in a research which was realized in on of most prominent clinics Medical Science Monitor in 2007 that vibration speeds up the blood and lymph circulation, enlarges the vessels by acting as pump in basically blood and lenlipidic vessels by stretching and relaxation methods 20-50 times in a second. Vibrations not only stimulates the bigger muscles but also the smaller ones. Therefore it offers both better and faster stretching and better treatment.

Special Exercise" Intense force exercise increases the muscle force"

Vibrating Ultrasonic Waves increases the muscle power by stimulating the muscle fibers which are strained rapidly. Protecting performance and the weight of muscle fibers which strain rapidly is important for sportsman who deal with running, throwing, and jumping. Also it helps the muscle strength by stimulating the secretion of growing hormone for increasing the performance of muscles which strain slowly.

"High efficient and reliable effect of Vibrating Ultrasonic Waves"

Vibrating Ultrasonic Waves makes the soft tendons and ligaments work whose exercise are difficult. Vibrating Ultrasonic Waves not only exercise in the big muscles in body but also the small muscles such as facial muscles and pelvis muscles. Power of muscles are increased by %20 when Total Body Vibration exercises are integrated with normal power exercises, decreases the exercise duration by %85, and decreases the exercise amount by half value. Contradictory with normal muscle improving methods such as weight lifting, vibrating ultrasonic waves does not cause over loading in joints, tendon and ligaments, in other words it eliminates the injury risk.