Radiofrequency technology provide. diet and exercise resistant localized fat broken by the heat, removal from the body through the lymph channels. Radio waves activates water molecules and ions in the body (sodium-potassium-calcium-magnesium) . Thereof depending their movement, energy releases and the region warms up. Here the purpose is to increase heat of warmed (treated area) area to 41 - 43 degrees (normal body temperature is 36-37 degrees). When skin temperature came to the point, skin temperature in the six regions reach 50-55 degrees. This heat does not have any injury or damage to the body . Oxygen intracellular diffusion is increased by heating . Result accelerates metabolism of stored energy, increases lymphatic drainage,reduces fatty cells and shrinkage.


In which treatments is Radio Frequency User?

Dependent with obtained positive effects; it has some benefits such as decrease in slowing down indications in vessel and lymph circulation, improvement in drain, speed up in lipid metabolism, increase in muscular tightness, and tightening effect with stimulating effect over fibroblast cells. If we briefly summarize;

  • Regional lipid break down,
  • Cellulite treatment,
  • Systematic lymph drain and removal of toxins.
  • It can successfully applied in treatments such as skin round up.

Radio frequency wavers heat the tissues which locate in surface and provide them to gain tight and velvety appearance, and penetrates in the region where celluliite occur, strengthens the thermal effect and provides tı burn the lipids.

Collagen production of skin increases with radio frequency waves and skin becomes stretched tight status.

Very serious corrections were observed by intra clinics data in droops at arm and leg interior.

Aim of using radiofrequency at face regions is to create lifting effect in face by stimulation the collagen tissue. Radio frequency face lifting creates an effect over skin round up, and thin lines which can be observed even in first session.

It provides a complete protection over skin surface as being a slight alternative for surgery, and heats the skin deeply and superficially. It provides an effective correction over thin lines and wrinkles which had occurred because of losses in collagen fibers and slowed down fibroblast activity in aged skin.

Radiofrequency over Liposuction

Estetik ve plastik cerrahların çoğu liposuction Most of the aesthetic and plastic surgeons recommend application before and after liposuction surgery. Activating the lipid tissues by stimulating them by radio frequency before liposuction increase the success of liposuction. It is recommended after liposuction tightening the loosen tissues which remained empty after removal of lipid cells. Even the most care is taken during Liposuction surgery it is not possible to take lipid from all regions with equal amounts. Fluctuations which are called as ondulation can be observed even after the most successful surgeries. Patient who became thinner with liposuction begin to search remedy for this new appearance. This problem which was tried to be solved by physiotherapists have ended with radio frequency application.

Is Radio Frequency Applied for Everyone?

  • Radio frequency is not applied in parkinson, ms, epilepsy skin cancer diseases,
  • Pregnant,
  • People who use pace maker,
  • People who has big metal prosthesis in their bodies.

Radio Frequency Treatment Period

As well as treatments vary according to people or region aimed to be treated, success is achieved between 8-10 sessions.

Session duration and Session Interval

Radio frequency session duration lasts average 15-30 minutes for face, 20-40 minutes for belly and basin, 46-60 minutes for legs and hips. There are intervals between 2 -4 weeks depending on people.