Lymphatic drainage system is called white blood circulation.that carries nutrients to cells and tissues that eliminates accumulated edema in our body , in short helps you renewing your body.

Lenf Drenaj

Why should lymph circulation system speed up?

Do you prefer to swim in a pool whose water is daily changed or in a pool whose water is changed weekly? Of course we want to swim in a pool whose water is changed daily. If we resemble lymph system to this, we would not make such mistake. The faster our lymph system the less we subject to hazardous objects which accumulate in our body.

In which treatments lymph drain is used?

Lymph drain is used in therapeutical and supporting manner commonly in;

  • Oedemas which occur in body after diseases,
  • For elimination of cellulities,
  • In loss of weight treatments- as supportive,
  • For elimination of varicosis after being pregnant as supportive and after remission period -
  • For discharging the toxins which accumulate in our body.

Is lymph drain be applied to everyone?

Using lymph drain is inconvenient and application should be implemented under supervision of specialist in:

  • Patients Having Hyper Tension
  • Hemorrhoid/Piles Patients
  • Diabetes/Diabetic Patients
  • Osteoporosis Patients
  • Pregnants

Can lymph drain be applied to every region?

Because of its nature lymph drain is a treatment method which covers entire body. Therefore it is applied to every part of body. There is no inconvenience to use it locally.

Number of sessions

Number of lymph drain sessions changes according to treatment type and person. When it is implemented as supportive for treatment, number of sessions is determined by the principal treatment. It is possible to achieve results in 10-15 sessions at Cellulites treatment.

Session durations and session intervals

Lymph drain sessions last for 20-25 minutes. Application can be made with 2-3 days intervals depending on person.