Lipolysis is an effective treatment that provides to be removed of the regional surpluses in natural ways and based on subcutenous injecting of PPC (pphosphadytilcolin) substance. Some reasons such as being not surgery compared to liposuction surgery, having low cost and no side effects and being the shortness of the time to return the everyday life make the lipolysis application more attractive.


In which treatments is lipolysis used?

  • In all regions where regional lipoidosis occurs (abdomen, hip, leg, arm, neck)
  • In elimination of under eye bags
  • For elimination of cellulites
  • In gynecomasty (breast enlarging)disorder) treatment

Application and its effects

In lipolysis application PPC material is injected with 10-13 cm needles to areas where regional lipoidodis is observed. This material increases the permeability of lipid cells and provides rupturing and being destroyed by liver. Later they are discharged by natural lenlipidic system of body. It does not have droops effect which occur after liposuction since lipids are discharged out of body with natural ways.

Effects of lipolysis application start just after the treatment. Visual slimming is provided after 2 session that 1-2 months later.

Is lipolysis applied for everyone?

Lipolysis application

  • Is not applied in people having heart faiure
  • Diabetes patients,
  • People who have liver and renal failure,
  • In pregnancy and breastfeeding period.
  • In patients who have anti coagulant treatment.

Also it is not a treatment type which is applied to obese people it is only used in regional lipoidosis treatments.

Number of Sessions and Session Duration

Session duration is between 15-45 minutes depending on the size of area to be treated. Number of sessions is determined according to expectations of patient. Satisfactory results are obtained after 2-6 session having 2*4 months interval.

Warnings for post application period

  • Alcohol should not be during treatment period since lipids are ruptured by liver.
  • Sunbathing and solarium should be avoided during lipolysis treatment period. There is no inconvenience for patient to sunbath after recovery of sensitivity and purpleness of patient.