HCG is a hormone which releases (same hormone has been located in blood in pregnancy cyst) from placenta during pregnancy. For the first time, it has been used in women who have overweight after pregnancy and it has gained success. A large number of medical studies show that low-calorie diet with using HCG and exercise everyday provides fat loss seriously, naturally helps shaping body and being healthy.

HCG Diyeti

HCG Diet Protocol

  • Safe, simple, wieldy.
  • Provides demolishing persistent body fat deposit in body.
  • Provides losing weight without side effect.
  • Shapes the body again.

What is HCG Protocol?

HCG protocol includes daily injections which are applied with low-calorie diet. Besides HCG protocol losing needles body fat, it provides to organize food habits of the person who is on a diet. In this way safe, natural and permanent solution has been provided.

How Does HCG Work?

HCG-HUMAN CHORIONIC GONADOTROPIN: Is a naturally generated hormone in body. For the baby and the mother it provides losing body fat and producing energy.

For losing weight, this HCG hormone is used in small quantities.

This small quantity of HCG does not have any effect related to the pregnancy. For this reason it can be used both men and women safely.

Is This Protocol a New Application?

No. It is not a new protocol and it is used in Europe and America for decades.

How Does HCG Affect?

HCG can provide to be used body fat deposits which cause locational lipoidosis as metabolic by effecting on hypothalamus.

Positive Effects of HCG:

  • Positive Mode
  • Increasing feeling of fullness
  • Regulating sleeping
  • Increasing energy

Can patients gain weight again?

After using protocol belongs to HCG Diet; your habits, your metabolism, your body shape and your life will change.

This is a diet program which has been arranged outstandingly for setting up rules about a healthy life to you.

For having a healthy physique, you should start to exercise and continue it even if in minimum level.

During your diet, all sport activities you can do; like cycling, water sports or any sorts of yoga, in any event, are important for warning to hypothalamus, providing to control weight after diet.

Fundamentals about HCG diet protocol

Researches which have been done about HCG diet protocol shows that, losing weight during this diet, are in the area where persistent body fat is found, do not cause tissue of muscle loss.

During this diet, while persistent body fat is burning, all agents of useful nutritional which have been taken with foods can be used properly.

For this reason the person who is on a diet feels herself/himself healthy and happy while losing weight.