ESWT also called shock wave therapy, is painless / alternative treatment. as well as some of the aesthetic fields, successfully used in situations that require surgery and physical therapy.

Şok Dalga ESWT Tedavisi

What is ESWT?

It is ESWT “Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy” or briefly called as Shock Wave Treatment.

ESWT generates energy waves which are faster than sound in short time period (approximately 10 msecs), and forms shock waves by passing the sound wall. Those formed shock waves creates high pressure in environments where they crash and creates a vibration effect. This created shockwave provides cavitations in environments where it crashes and forms bubbles having negative pressure. ESTW works same like this in lipid tissues abs ruptures the lipid cells by means of negative pressure effect in addition to cavitations effect.

In which treatments are shock waves /ESWT used

Shock wave / ESWT treatment is successfully applied in ;

  • Weight loss,
  • Cellulite loss,
  • Skin tightening,
  • Childbirth cracks,
  • Heel spur,
  • Golfers elbow,
  • Tennis player elbow,
  • Shoulder calcification and similar disorders.

Is shock wave / ESWT treatment applied to everyone?

Shock wave/ESWT treatment is not applied

  • In pregnant people
  • People who
  • In cancer patients
  • In individuals who had joint and bone surgery (platinum) and in young individuals who did not complete bone developments.

Is shock wave / ESWT treatment applied to every region?

It is not applied to neck region, and regions which are close to head and neurons.

ESWT in heel's spur treatment

Heel's spur disease is a serious disorder which degrades the life quality which occurs because of over forcing in footsole. Weight problems, uncomfortable shoe usage which is not orthopedically, physical problems which may exist in feet may be reasons for the disease.

Treatments such as Not standing too much, using support in shoe sole, and physical treatments are used and problem is eliminated by biological treatments and surgical operation in progressed cases.

Shock wave /ESTW treatment offers a non surgical / non including pain , non including cortisone treatment to patients in heel's spur treatment. Patient can continue to daily life after treatment.

Number of sessions

Maximum 2 sessions are implemented in hard tissue applications and maximum 3-4 sessions are implemented in soft tissue applications.

Session duration and session intervals

Sessions which last for 20-30 minutes are implemented with one week interval.