According to a survey conducted by the Institute for Medicine and Public Health to 6300 person, when against the computer, when using the car and in front of television we spend sitting 56 hours of a week. So an we spend average of 8 hours a day by sitting down. When sitting too long, our bodies begin to stop metabolism. As a natural consequence of this regional adiposity is inevitable... Of course not the only culprit to sit. Genetic factors, unbalanced diet, hormonal changes include such other reasons as well.

What can be done for preventing local lipoidosis?

Sports is certainly important we do not have time and position to separate time for sports in our busy working life.

Well. What should we do? In our life We separate time for exercise as much as possible. For example if we go to work public transportation car instead of our private car we can start the day with movement. If we stand up and walk around in our office will send positive signals to our brain and whisper that our metabolism is working actively. Do not forget that the more you move you will become more healthier.

It is too late anymore… Do not say!

Until now we had talked about what you can do for local lipids in your body. Now let us explaim what we can do for you. Altohough there are many methods for treating local lipoidosis, cold lipolysis can provide successful results even in one session.

What is cold lipolysis?

Cold lipolysis is an effective loss of weight method which provides discharging lipid cells by cooling them up to certain without giving harm to other tissues.

How does it become effective?

Cold lipolysis does not require surgical operation like liposuction, freezes lipid cells, provides deformation of lipid cells by providing them become narrow and shrink. Lymph performs the discharge of deformed lipids from body by drain method. Slimmin up to 2 to 4 cm is obtained with treatment.

Can cold lipolysis be applied in everyone?

Cold lipolysis application is not implemented in

  • Pregnants,
  • Criogloblunemia patients
  • Patients having Rynaud syndrome.

Can Cold Lipolysis be Applied to every region?

As well as cold lipolysis can be applied to every region it is rather used in areas having regional lipoidosis such as:

  • Abdomen,
  • Hip,
  • Waist,
  • Leg,
  • Back,
  • Arms.

Cold lipolysis is not applied in patients who have widespread lipoidosis and patients who have obese diagnosis.

Number of sessions

Generally result can be achieved in single session, but treatment can last for 8 or 10 sessions depending on the status of patient.

Session duration and Session Intervals

Session duration can last between 45-60 minutes for each region depending on the thickness of the region to be treated.