Post-natal stretch marks, rapid weight gain sourced and after liposuction cracks, cellulite, sagging and loose skin... All these problems emerge as the results a stable life, unbalanced nutrition, oxygen-rich non-city life all of us may live from time to time.


What does Carboxy Therapy Promise? How does it become effective?

Carboxy therapy is a treatment method which had its first trials in 1925, and used in many areas until present time and its effects are known. It is an effective method in Aesthetics area which can be considered as effective. Generally it can successfully be applied in:

  • Cellulites treatment,
  • Chaps treatment,
  • Droops and loosen skin treatments,
  • Treatment of injured areas,
  • Shrinking the breast which are formed by lipid tissue and elimination of droops ,
  • In areas where local lipoidosis occurs

Carboxy therapy based on delivery of oxygen by body to the region as natural reaction where Carbondioxide gas given. In deed there is not any other effective function of carbon dioxide gas out of deforming the lipid. Perfect human body delivers abundant amount of oxygen for removing the carbondioxide within body and creates natural refreshing. Unused capillary vessels expand in this period, they began to be used again, even new capiallary vessels are formed.

Is Carboxy Therapy Applied to Everyone?

Carboxy therapy is not applied to:

  • Cancer patients,
  • Pregnant and breast feeding mothers,
  • Diabetes patients at high levels,
  • Necrosis patients,
  • Patients having bleeding problem and Von Wİllebrand Patients
  • Varicosis and trombophlebitis patients.

Is Carboxytherapy applied to every region?

Carboxy therapy can reliably applied to every region of body.

Number of sessions

As well as the number of sessions can vary with respect to person, it lasts average 15-20 sessions. First reactions are taken after 5-7 session, and effects began to be seen by eye.

Session Duration and Session Intervals

Carboxytherapy sessions last for approximately 30*45 minutes and application can be made 2-3 days intervals depending on person.

Warnings after application

Shower, pool, sauna and similar activitiies should be avoided within 4-6 hours after carboxy therapy and body's contact with water should be avoided. Later person can continue to daily life.