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Body analysis before starting treatment is a procedure routinely performed. Patient's muscle, fat, water content is intended to be analyzed and light treatment.

What Are Measured in Body Analysis? What are its benefits?

Laser Hair Removal and IPL Hair Removal have many differences with respect to technology and application.

  • Only hair and pilar are targeted in laser Hair Removal is provided by scanning the skin from outer side to inner side in IPL Hair Removal.
  • Device cap has no contact with skin since hair and pilar are targeted in laser Hair Removal. Hair Removal gel is applied over skin in IPL Hair Removal and device cap is contacted over skin and application is performed. Therefore application should be performed in hygienic environments.

How long does operation last?

Analysis process 15 sec. completed in such a short time.

Body Types

Apple type: Plump mid body which gets slimmer towards at bottom parts
Heart Type: Plump breasts which and body which gets thinner towards leg
Sand glass type: Equal curves at hips and chest, thin waist
Pear type: Plump and curved hip, body which becomes thinner towards shoulders.

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