In fact, armpit perspiration is a natural mechanism to defend and protect the body, and it is not necessary to prevent it in any way. But because of the pressures imposed by life and different lifestyles, sweating is a major reason for the body to get rid of these pressures.

MiraDry Koltuk ALtı Terleme Tedavisi

Often an excessive sweating problem the person feels uncomfortable, anxious and stressed and even it may be cause to bring shame. In this case the person has difficulty communicating with others and also adversely affects the work and the choice of the appropriate job. Excessive sweating affects thinking so much that it may become obsessive and sick in some people. To prevent sweating under the armpits Botox is used as a temporary solution to get rid of sweating but using miraDry technique can eliminate sweating completely for life and with a guaranteed success rate and very high.

Is the only technique approved as a permanent treatment for the elimination of sweating?

The principle of action (miraDry) is through electromagnetic energy transmitted in a very precise way to the underarm area to eliminate sweat glands that cause sweat secretions. Anti-perspiration and other treatments can temporarily disable sweat glands to reduce sweating. However, with miraDry, the effect of stopping sweating can be increased. miraDry does not require surgical intervention, does not cause pain and does not require recovery long.

What happens during miraDry?

The doctor determines the treatment based on the areas in which the sweat glands under the armpit in the patient, and until the patient feels comfortable anesthesia area and the doctor using the device (miraDry) constipation under the armpit and transfer energy to areas of the sweat glands to be eliminated.

How long does the application last?

An average lasts one hour.

Does the application cause a wound and leave a trace?

Before application (miraDry) the area is anesthetized locally and after anesthesia the feeling of pain is light and very simple can be tolerated rarely feel hot spots in the area.

What happens after application?

After application of the technique (miraDry), the doctor may write a recipe containing the required treatment and recommends the use of ice under the armpit for several days, after application can return directly to the exercise of normal life activities and exercise can also.

How are the results?

Many patients get very effective results after the application of miraDry. According to recent research and studies, a decrease in sweating was achieved by 82%, using an application. The results are seen immediately after treatment and with different results from one person to another.

Are there side effects of miraDry?

It occurs in the area of mild pain and swelling. This is normal. The swelling continues for 14 days and then completely disappears. After application, the area of the armpit and around it will be numb for several hours. The numbness may also extend to the arm for several hours.

Warnings After using an application!

The area is immediately cooled with a small cloth containing ice pieces and placed on the anesthetic area and squeezed until the anesthesia ceases. Ice packs are placed on the treated area for two weeks until the tumor is removed.

Length of recuperation The area under the armpit must be kept clean by cleaning it every day twice with soap and water. After two weeks of treatment, the area will be very sensitive. Avoid shaving until the area is completely cured. For the first few days after treatment, do not use antihistamines of all kinds. In the early days of treatment you should wear wide and loose clothing.

Frequently asked questions

Some people work their sweat glands doubly so as to cool the body and reach the body's natural temperature, which leads to an increase in the amount of sweating and there are some people who work their sweat glands of 4-5 times more than normal.

No, after applying miraDry, the sweat glands do not grow again.

Yes, because the sweat glands will not grow again, so the patient will notice a significant reduction in the rate of sweating.

The body has 4 million ethnic glands and in the area under the armpits, there is only 2% of these glands and therefore the elimination will not adversely affect the body and the work of the glands.

No, the application does not increase sweating in other areas of the body.