Dermaterap (skin-stamp) method opens the micro-channels in the skin. Vegetable stem cell products to be delivered to the lower layer of the skin is provided.Treatments such as the micro-needle therapy, laser peels, chemical peels, IPL and CO2 fractional laser are so effective.It is used in sun spots, large pores, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin,acne pits, cuts, scars, and hair loss . Unlike injection in the upper regions of the skin, it is possible plant stem cell product to deliver active ingredients to most needed areas in high concentration.

Kök Hücre Tedavisi (Dermaterapi)

How Does Stem Cell Treatment Becomes Effective?

Micro channels are created in skin by mesotherapy devices or roller devices. Platinum nano colloid and stem cell compound which was prepared in Platinum nano-colloid generator creates a perfect antioxidant content. Effect are at very high levels , When that content is provided to reach cells easier by electroporation,

This treatment should not ne mixed with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) In PRP treatment, plasma which was obtained from blood is injected to skin with several methods, in stem cell treatment, stem cells which are obtained from human neural cells are transferred to cells by means of nano-colloids. Difference of stem cells for plasma is that they have recovery potential and they are defined as "totipotent" which means that they can transform into every cell.


IGF Insulin like Growing Factor
It is very important for life. Its functions are repair of damaged cells, formation bones, muscles and neural tissue. Hypophysis delays aging. It brings the blood glucose and insulin resistivity to normal levels.

FGF Fibroblast Growing Factor
It is one of the growing hormones which is combined with heparin for supporting mesenchymal neuroectoderma and endothelial cells. It can cause several cell proliferation forms in laboratory environment. It may speed up the growing of Fibroblasts, Myoblasts, osteoblasts, neural cells, endothelial cells, keratinocytes, chondrocytes, and other cells. It recovers the grown vitilliigo degeneration. It recovers the injuries.

EGF Epidermal Growing Factor
It is a protein which has functions such as powerful activating and recovery of skin wounds. It recovers the skin after cosmetics peeling.

PDGF Growing Factor Which Is Caused by Thrombocyte
It stimulates the DNA synthesis, supports joining of Collagen with protein. It prevents programmed cell deaths in fibroblasts (apoptosis)

KGF Keratinocyte Growing Factor
It is an important factor in hair growing. It takes a role in connection of cells with each other and reproduction. It is effective in recovery of wounds.

It protects cells against free radicals. It is antioxidant. It is useful against aging based on sun photo-aging (dermatoheliosis)

It acts as Botox. It exists in stem cell. Many cosmetics companies use as ingredient in anti-aging products. This product which is alternative to Botox and does not have side effects; decrease the shrinking of facial muscles and decrease and prevents the formation of wrinkles. It does not have toxicity and harmless over human. It increases the skin flexibility by regulating the signal process between stem cells and muscles which cause wrinkles. It regulates the Caecholamine secretion, prevents aging. It prevents signals from motor neurons to muscle cells and take the motions under control. Its penetration to skin is easy as being micro peptide.

In Which Diseases Stem Cell/Dermatherapy Treatments Are Applied

It is effectively applied

  • In elimination of wrinkles and thin lines,
  • In hair losses and reactivating the hair roots,
  • In elimination of skin spots,
  • In elimination of pustule and acne traces,
  • In elimination of skin cracks,
  • In elimination of under eye bags purpleness

Session Duration and Number of Sessions

Session duration lasts average 30-90 minutes depending on the size of region to be treated. As well as the number of sessions change according to person; session between 2-6 will be sufficient. Intervals between 2 to 4 weeks are foreseen for sessions.