Micro-pigmentation / permanent make-up application is the process of applying natural and mineral pigments under the skin. Logically, it is not very different from tattooing. The important point here is that the pigments used are suitable for the skin and can be easily erased afterwards and processed in a sterile environment.

Kalıcı Makyaj (Mikropigmentasyon)



  • To camouflage surgery, wounds, burns and scar traces,
  • To camouflage the traces  of vitiligo,
  • To draw the chest-head after chest surgery,
  • It is used as a remedy method in the camouflaging of regional hair loss such as chemotherapy, alopecia/ hair breaker.
  • It provide solutions aesthetic concerns such as Lipliner (lip contour), eyeliner (eye lid contour), eyebrow drawing also.

Permanent Makeup Pre-make Warnings

  • The allergic story of the person should be known.
  • In the case of eyeliner (eyelid contour) applications, it is not possible to erase the pigment later. It should be decided carefully so that laser shots cannot be made around the eye and eyelashes. Permanent makeup / micropigmentation application maintains its durability for 3 - 5 years.

Permanent Makeup After Warnings

  • The application area should not be washed for 2 days.
  • It should be kept away from the baths, sauna, pool, etc. for 1 week and the application area should not be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Shells should not be pulled off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the permanent make-up / micropigment application a painful / painful procedure?
It is a painful / painful practice. It is applied under local anesthesia or anesthetic creams.

Is there any side effect of permanent makeup / micropigment application?
After treatment, the redness, slight wound appearance and crusting in the area of ​​application continue for a week.

Are counseling and tests paid?
No, you can consult our experts by appointment at any time, and you can get opinions and average price information. You can reach us by e-mail, telephone or by coming to our clinics personally. You can get information for issues in your mind.