Moles that are not known why are in our body, can be a bit annoying esthetically though they are often harmless. These moles colored of our skin or brown colored, often may occur in our faces in our our eyelids, armpits, in our back and our chest area . As some of these are innate, sometimes it may be later.

Ben (Nevus) Tedavisi

How is Nevus) treated?

There is a treatment method which is based on transformation of radio waves which were created by radiocautery devices into heat energy over nevus. Heated cell liquids evaporated and nevus layer is removed, normal skin is reached.

Can All Nevus Be taken By Radio Cautery?

Radiocautery can be applied to all colorful, colorless, small, big nevus excluding the vessel nevus

Other Methods Which Are Used in (Nevus) Treatment

Treatment methods out of electrocautery method exist in nevus treatment: Those are;

  • Removal of nevus with surgical operation
  • Evaporating by Laser
  • Evaporating with radiofrequency
  • Rupturing with Cryotherapy (by freezing)

Treatment Process

Wound occurs in treated region after treatment, and its covered with scab and scab falls within 3-5 days depending on nevus size and slight redness remains in region. A slight trace or no trace remains in region after process depending on the size of nevus.

Number of Sessions and Duration

Generally treatment is completed in single session. Patient can be called for monthly controls for small retouches if necessary.