Medical skin care consists of the processes based on restoring the vitality of the skin with dermocosmetics products and the processes about purification of some factors causing the skin look pale such as oil, black spots and makeup remnants accumulated in the skin.

Medikal Cilt Bakımı

Skin Care Process

Firstly skin analysis is performed and determination of skin needs are determined in medical skin care application.

Skin is cleaned from lipids and make up wastes and similar factors and a healthy environment is created for herbal peeling. Skin is purified from dead cells by a slight peeling operation which used dermocosmetics products.

Opening of skin pores and softening of skin is provided by vapor therapy method. Deep disinfection is made by giving high frequency after comode and lipid buttons are removed from skin.

Skin care operation is ended by moisturizing and supporting care mask. Additional cares and treatment operations may be applied if necessary within process with respect to skin structure.

Recommendations for Daily Skin Care

  • Selection of products accordingly with skin type is important.
  • Dirt, sweat. personal secretions such as lipid and exuviating dead cells should be cleaned.
  • Natural moisturizing systems at upper part of skin which may ruin even with slightest cleaning should be supported with moisturizers. As a general rule using moisturizers while face and body are still in moisture encloses the moisture.
  • Sun protective materials having high factor should be used for preventing the damages caused by UV lights.
  • People who has normal skin are recommended to use therapeutical products against photo aging and its damages.
  • Drier and products including alcohol should not be preferred in dry skins since they will take the moisture out of skin.
  • In sensitive skins; Moisturizers which are formulated by products such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid which decrease the loss of moisture should be used after liquid cleaner which does not include soap. SPF15 and over product which are protective against UVA and UVB rays should be applied in open areas half hour before going out doors
  • Cleaners in liquid or gel form which bond lipids should be preferred exclusive with lipoid skins. Soaps which are based on cream, and including cacao fat, lanolin should be avoided, moisturizers in lotion form which include materials that takes and keep water (humectane )s should be preferred.
  • Cleaning and regular using of products which are recommended by doctors are important for Skins which are lipoid or having tendency against acne which are seen in young people in their puberty period because of hormonal changes
  • Sun protective materials which are oil free should be used.
  • Hard soaps, alcohol, brushes, rubbing should not be used for drying lipid for getting rid of bright appearance.
  • Skin cleaning should not be done more than 2-3 times in a day.
  • Mixed Skin: T region for cosmetics point of view; while cheeks, forehead, nose and chin are lipoid areas of face other areas observed as dry.
  • Cleaning products for normal mixed skins are hardly effective on cheeks and kindly effective in other areas. Moisturizer which is applied only in required areas may cause pustules in T region

Sun Protective Usage Table According to Skin Type

Type Skin Type Hair Color Properties Recommended Sun Protection Factor
Daily Usage IOutdoors
I Very white Red Easily tans never becomes suntan spf 15 spf 25-30
II White Yellow Easily tan, slight tans spf 12-15 spf 25-30
III Wheat color Hazel, black Sometimes tan , suntan at medium level spf 8-10 spf 15
IV Brunette (Mediterranean ) Black tans less, suntan well spf 6-8 spf 15
V Dark brunette (Middle East) Black rarely tans, suntans intensely spf 6-8 spf 15
VI Black (negro) Balck Almost never tans , dark color spf 6-8 spf 15