A reddish disturbing appearance is seen generally in the face and place to place in all over the body and with the expansion of capillaries in the skin Treatment of capillary vessels is a widely practiced method of treatment made on expanding capillaries altough it does not make and inconvenience in terms of health.

Lazerle Kılcal Damar Tedavisi

Which Laser is Used In Capillary Vessel Treatment?

Nd: YAG type laser beams are used in treatment. Nd : YAG(1064 nm) laser beams concentrate over hemoglobin It maintains treatment by deforming the capillary vessels.

The Capillary Vessel disorders Where Treatment is Most Frequently Applied

Redness around nose and cheekbone

  • Rosacea
  • Portwine stain

Factors Which Cause the Disorder

Reasons which may cause the capillary vessel disorder may be more than one. Genetics factors, sunlight rays, after pregnancy period, alcohol and excess estrogen may be reasons.

Treatment for Rosacea / Rose Disease

Rosaceal disease appear in upper layer of skin in intense redness form after enlarging of capillary vessels which are close to skin surface. Depending on the magnitude of disease, Rosacea may cause lack of self confidence in patient and degrades the level of patient's life quality. Many methods are used in treatment of Rosacea disease. Topical creams, oral taken antibiotics, laser systems can be considered in treatments. Capillary vessels which trigger the disease are targeted in treatment with laser. It is more effective treatment method with respect to other treatment methods.

Portwine Stain Treatment

Portwine Stain which is called as birth mark generally occurs just after childbirth. It has pinky color at the beginning but it turns in to dark red and purple color in later times. Disorder can be largely eliminated with laser but achieving 100% results is impossible. Starting the treatment in early ages increase the success ratio of treatment.

Session Duration and Number of Sessions

Sessions Averagely last for 15-30 minutes.

In capillary vessel and portwine stain diseases while generally 1 -3 session having 4-6 months interval can be sufficient, satisfaction level of patient depending on the size of stain determines the number of sessions.

Warnings for Capillary Vessel Post Treatment

  • Sunlight and solarium should not be exposed within a few weeks, if it is not possible to avoid from sunlight, sun protective creams having high factors should be used.
  • It should be cared that water in shower should not be so hot and warmest water which body can stand should be selected.