Trends, youth wind, the way to show your dear your love, an alcoholic days spent with friend, adolescent status anxiety ... Yes because of pretty much the same reasons, tattoo can be changed into regret the next day or later in life. Constantly looking body tattoos, can lead to people to exposure discrimination in the community in variouus periods of life. Sometimes, family pressures, such as separation causes can increase regrets... Because tattoo can be treated as a sign of psychological disorders. In cases of the military, business, etc.. it is among the reasons people to get rid of tattoos as soon as possible.

Dövme Sildirme

Do not worry... You are not helpless!

Do not worry about this subject too, because modern medicine is very developed in tattoo deleting by using laser. Even you can continue to your life if your tattoo is not much old... Tattoo covering operations are very common.... It can be done in tattoo deleting centers with suitable prices in very short time interval. Operation of tattoo deleting from body is expected to be more common by effects of prices.

How Is Tattoo Deleted From Body By Laser?

Firstly let us mention that laser beams target only the pigments (color). Tattoo pigments which are ruptured by laser beams are expected to be discharged out of body by body's natural protection mechanism.

Can All Tattoos be Deleted by Laser?

Success of permanent tattoo deleting with laser varies very much with respect to;

  • Tattoo and skin color,
  • Type of used dyes,
  • Application depth, density and application type of tattoo,
  • Age of tattoo,
  • Used Laser type

Effect of Tattoo and Skin Color Laser Over Tattoo deleting/Making delete Operation

Laser beams are effective in contrast environments. Unfortunately success of laser tattoo deleting system decreases from darker to lighter colors. That is, the tattoo in dark colors can easily be removed however it is very difficult to remove the tattoo in yellow color. Best results are achieved in tattoos with dark colors over skins which have light colors.

Effects of Used Dyes over Laser Tattoo deleting/Making delete Operation

Quality of dyes which were used in tattoo also effects the result of treatment. It is impossible to make classification here since many different dyes present in market. Dyes which can be discharged more easily by body are the ones which can dissolve better.

Effect of Tattoo Application Over Laser Over Tattoo deleting/Making delete Operation

Application of deeper or closer to surface application which can be considered badly makes laser detect some pigments more difficult. Density of dyes which were used in tattoo makes discharging of pigment out of body difficult after operation.

Effect of Laser System which is used in Treatment Over Laser Over Tattoo deleting/Making delete Operation

Laser system which is used in treatment also has effect over tattoo deleting operation. Most common used system in Tattoo deleting operation is Nd:Yag Q-Switcl laser system is the most effective system over tattoos with darker colors, KTP Q- Switch lasers systems are more successful at tattoos with lighter colors (yellow, brown, green)

Is Laser Tattoo Deleting/making Delete Operation Applied to Everyone, Every Region?

As well as the tattoo deleting with laser is a method which is reliably applied for longer years, treatment should be avoided in some cases for preventively. Those cases are:

  • In people who are at younger ages and did not complete hair structure development. (Laser beams may also stimulate the hair roots simultaneously)
  • In Hepatitis-B patients,
  • In pregnant people,
  • People who have skin and dermis cancer,
  • Over scars and open wounds,
  • Over regions having eczema and fungus disease,
  • Over moles,
  • Inside ear and nose,
  • Around eye and lashes

Are Tattoos Completely Deleted?

No it is not possible to eliminate the effects of tattoos 100% for now but the success ratio is around 90% values. Success can be achieved closed to skin color in simple and dark color tattoos. Important thing here is the patient happiness and satisfaction. In some case patients care not sensing of tattoo by other people rather than deleting.

Treatment Process

We can separate the treatment process in three parts such as permanent tattoo deleting by laser/ permanent tattoo deleting application, occurrence of scabs and wounds in region and recovery period. Tattoos which were deleted by laser first takes white color and they gradually turn into red color. A transparent scab occurs over skin within 3-5 days and this scab dries and disappears within 2-3 weeks. Region which had operation has a red appearance and recovery period of wound had started. How much part of wound is destroyed and how much part is remained can be seen better in time.

Number of Sessions

Number of sessions change with respect to person, tattoo's structure and color. There are patients who were satisfied in one session and also there are patients who were not satisfied even after ten sessions. Generally a simple tattoo with dark color can become uncertain for not being sensed after one or two sessions.

Session Duration and Session Intervals

Session durations change according to size of tattoo. Even there can be operations which last 5 minutes, there can also be sessions which last for hours and there can be treatment where 1 session can be completed in a few sessions.

Warnings before application

Sunbathing and particularly solarium should be avoided before application. Treatment should be started 2 -3 days later.

Warnings after application

  • Upper part of treated region is covered after application. Application area should be kept covered for 24 hours after application and contact with water should be prevented.
  • Application area should be daily made moisture and scabs should not ruptured.
  • Application area should not be exposed to sun light during forming a scab and scab exuviating period and solarium should be avoided.
  • No other operation should be implemented until wound enters into recovery process (Epilating wax, Hair Removal, peeling etc.)

Some Cases After Tattoo Removal Operation with Laser,

Although all dye pigments are discharged, wound may carry the tattoo traces. Even there can be cases which has more disturbing appearance than tattoo. Fractional laser helps elimination of laser wound traces and spots and skin get the natural appearance again.