Exfoliating enzymes secreted in dark melanin by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase which transforms reduces the formation of melanin in the skin. The color of the stained area by opening in the skin provides an effective treatment.

Enzim Peeling

Difference with Chemical Peeling

Chemical Peeling effects by peeling the top part of skin. Enzyme peeling is effective by reducing the formation of melanin in lower layer of skin. Enzyme peeling provides more effective results with this aspect.

In Which Spots Is Enzyme Peeling Effective For Elimination?

As well as it as an effective method for all spots in body, it is most frequently used in lentigo(elderliness) melasma (childbirth) spots treatment.

Situations Which Should Be Examined Before Enzyme Peeling

  • Presence of Active Infections and Open Wounds
  • Active ever blisters(herpes) and virus infection
  • Moderate or deep peelings which were applied in last 3-12 months.
  • Intense smoking cigarette
  • Pregnancy / breastfeeding

Treatment Process

Treatment consists of two stages. Skin is cleaned and mask application is performed in first stage. This mask remains over skin for 8 hours. Later it is cleaned with water and second stage starts. In this stage patient used the cream which was given for 3 months and will observe the result of treatment. Treatment results can be achieved within 4-6 weeks beginning from the first week.

Warnings for post Treatment period

  • Direct sunlight should not be exposed and solarium should be avoided. Sun protective materials having high factor should be used after treatment. Wearing hat and eye glasses in summer are protective measures.
  • Shower should not be taken in first day and shower with warm water should be preferred in first week.