Solar is a unique source of life for all living things.The importance of both antibacterial effects and vitamin D can be synthesized, as well as ability to support in the acne and pimples treatment and of course being aesthetically most effective tanning method make it indispensable. However, as a result of the ozone layer gradually thinning, we focus the sun's harm rather than its benefit. The sun is already known having effect on skin blemishes for a long time... But in the research and findings recently, the effect of the sun on skin cancer is also substantial and obvious...

Leke Tedavisi

Factors Which Cause Skin Spots

In deed skin spots is one of the protection measures of body. Skin secretes melanin for protecting it self against environment which it was exposed to (sun, unqualified make up materials, hazardous chemicals). Finally skin protects itself but spots occur because of secreted melanin.

Treatment Methods Which Are Used In Skin Spots

Chemical Peeling
Chemical "peeling" is an application method which targets the appearance of healthy skin by creation of controlled damages in various depths of skin by applying one or several chemical agents to skin. Aim of chemical peeling is to create the damage in desired depth and utilizing from the wound recovery advantages during regeneration and providing the treatment of several lesions.

Enzyme Peeling (Light Peeling)
Enzyme Peeling which is called as "Melano Out System " decreases the formation of melanin by suppressing the tyrosinase enzyme which provides the transformation of melanin enzyme into darker colors. Effective treatment is provided by making the color of treated regions lighter.

Co2 Fractional Laser
Co2 fractional laser beams is an efficient treatment method which can effect both above and under parts of skin. It triggers the collagen reproduction opening micro channels. It provides skin tightening, and gain the bright and lively appearance again. Also it is very effective in skin spot treatments.

Session duration and Number of Sessions
Session duration and number of sessions are determined according to treatment and situation or person to be treated. Averagely herbal peeling is applied as 4-8 sessions, enzyme peeling is applied as single session and Co2 fractional laser is applied as 1-6 sessions.