Chemical peeling, is aapplication method targeting controlled damage at various depths in the skin and healthy skin forming applications by the application of one or more chemical agents into the skin. The purpose of chemical peeling, cause damage to the desired depth in the skin layer and is to treat a variety of lesions by taking advantage of wound healing during regeneration.

Kimyasal Peeling


Superficial Chemical Peeling
It is the peeling method which is applied by fruit acids. Herbal peeling can be applied by glycolic acids which were obtained from sugar cane, lactic acids which were obtained from milk etc. Their most common known names are alpha hydroxy acids. They can easily pass the epidermis (top layer over skin) easily since they are very small molecules. But they can not pass to dermis which is lower layer. They increase the tolerance of cells in epidermis against external factors by triggering the renewal of cells. Out of cell renewal They are also successful in treatment of superficial spots which have epidermal origin.

Another superficial peeling is the peeling which is made by salicylic acids. This material effects the epidermis(Top layer of skin) more superficially. It is mainly preferred in acne, black and white spots treatment and secondarily in treatment of spots' treatment.

Patient can return to daily life just after the operation.

Chemical Peeling at Moderate Depth
TCA - It is applied with TCA- Trichloroacetic acid (10%-35%) and glycolic acids. It is an effective method for correction of photo aging , treatment of slight-medium level wrinkles which includes the correction of photo-aging effects and pigment changes by causing destruction in deep dermis level where sweat glands, lipid glands and hair follicles present also it is effective in treatment of skin which is exposed to sunlight and keratosis disease which occurs in especially hands, face, front arm and neck and is skin disease before skin cancer.

Face takes red color after operation. Later skin color gets darker towards brown color and skin start to exuviate within 2-3 days. Recovery period lasts approximately one week. Skin should be clean for speeding up recovery period and moisturizing pomade should be applied after hands are washed a few times in a dat.

Deep Chemical Peeling
It is the chemical peeling method which is applied by TCA (50%), Bakesr, Phenol and Jessner's solutions. It causes peeling with important amounts. It id very effective at treatment for acne and pustule traces, scars, skin spots and wrinkles. It is performed under local anesthesia since it involves pain and ache.

Process after operation is very painful. Painkillers should be used regularly. Bulges which continue for 1-2 weeks may be seen in face. It has approximately 1 month recovery period and recovery of redness completely may last up to 3 months. It is more effective with respect to other chemical peeling methods and its effects last for longer time. This peeling method is more suitable for people having lighter skin color since it may cause permanent skin color being lighter in people who has dark skin color.

Situations Which Should Be Examined Before Chemical Peeling

  • Presence of active infection and open wounds
  • Active fever blister A(herpes) virus infection
  • Moderate or deep peeling which was implemented in last 3-12 months.
  • Facial surgery which was applied in recent times
  • Abnormal scar formation, cheloid history and late wound recovery history.
  • Radiotherapy history
  • Fitzpatrick skin type IV, V, VI
  • Having aspirin allergy of Salicylic acid peeling
  • Anticoagulant usage
  • Intense smoking cigarette
  • Pregnancy / breastfeeding
  • Risk of being exposed to intense sunlight
  • Operated surgical attempts (at least 6 months should be waited.)

Session Duration and Number of Sessions

Sessions last for average 30-60 minutes depending on the size of region to be treated.
As well as number of sessions change with respect to person, incident and ap+E183plication type average

  • 4-8 sessions with 2-4 weeks intervals for superficial peeling applications
  • 2-4 sessions with 2-4 months interval for peeling in moderate depths

And single session for deep peeling application will be sufficient.

Warnings before Treatment

Hair dye and perm should not be realized minimum one week before chemical peeling operation. Spring and winter months should be preferred for treatment as possible.

Warnings for Post Treatment

  • Direct sunlight should not be exposed and solarium should be avoided. This sensitivity should be cared for at least 6 months. Sun protective materials having high factor should be used during this period. Wearing hat and eyeglasses in summer are within preventive measures.
  • Shower should not be taken for first day. And warm shower should be preferred for one week period.
  • 2 There is no inconvenience for eye and lip make up after 2-3 days. Lip and eye make up can be performed.