Acne or known by the name of pimple is a skin condition that manifests itself particularly in adolescence and in each person. IT caused by sebaceous gland ducts (follicular) clogging on the surface of the skin with a layer of a thick oil, skin inability to be thrown out the sebaceous glands become clogged oil (sebum) . It is seen in a certain period on almost every person. Body without need to any outside interference performs own treatment over time. In which case where it could not perform , the the problem negatively affects quality of person life as a chronic state.

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How does Acne/Pustules Occur?

Lipid glands take their name from sebum which is a lipid material that is produced by them. Under normal conditions sebum progress among hair follicle and appears in skin surface. When acne occurs, sebum stays inside follicle and can not go outside. Acnes mostly form in face, neck, upper part of arms, shoulders where lipid glands present more. Acne lesions in black point form are called as comedo(black head) and red, puffy and purulent lesions are called as papule, nodule and pustule.


Genetics Factors
Acne is a phenomenon which also includes genetically factors. In fact everyone can experience with acne problem up to certain level but some people have tendency to acne types genetically. If mother or father had experienced with acne problem in puberty or in another part of their part, possibility of children to experience acne problem is high.

Hormones (Androgen)
Acnes generally form in the period when body generates androgen hormones more. When androgen generation reaches the highest level between ages 11-14, acnes also increase. Changing hormone levels because menstrual period in young women also cause breakthroughs in acnes. These changes also effect the sensitivty of lipid glands against androgens.

Closed follicle is a suitable environment for reproduction of bacteria. Bacteria which lives especially in this area is P. Acnes Bacteria. This bacteria is fed by sebum and it present inside every people's skin whether they have acne or not. When lipid gland is clogged and filled with sebum, P.acnes bacteria reproduces more rapidly. Chemical which were generated by bacteria leads inflammation inside follicle and ski surface.

Increased Sebum Creation
Lipid glands generate more sebum after they are stimulated by androgens. Lipid Sebum accumulates inside follicle and moves towards upper part. It joins with normal skin bacteria and dead skin cells while going upwards. As the sebum generation increases possibility of hair root clogging and resulting comedo are high.

Changes Inside Fllicle
As the androgen generation increases and lipid glands become larger, structure of hair follicle which extends towards under skin also changes. Normally dead cells are gradually exuviate and goes away from skin surface. Cells exuviate more frequently in puberty period and they are more suitable for joining and sticking, they can clog the follicle when they contact with sebum. In this case sebum and dead cells form a tap in follicle.


  • Topical (Cream) Treatment
  • Medicine Treatment
  • Mesolifting (Skin Mesotherapy)
  • Chemical / Herbal Peeling
  • Medical Skin Care treatment
  • Co2 Fractional Laser

Topical (Cream) Treatment
Topical treatment is direct application of medicines to skin with different methods. Acnes which were seen in puberty period (Physiological acne) and pustules are generally respond to topical treatment positively.

Medicine Treatment
In cases where topical treatment does not response, oral medical treatment can be used. Oral medicine usage is recommended for patients having acne at medium or severe level. Those kind of medicines provide better solution in cases that they are used together with topical treatment.

Mesoliftin (Skin Mesotherapy)
Creams which we use from outer side generally support and moisture the upper part of skin. However cells which provides the liveliness and acts for supporting and needs feeding and moisture for cosmetics present in dermis. Mesolifting passes the barrier function of skin by injection and reaches the lower layer of skin and provides a better success

Herbal Peeling
Superficial peeling which is applied for Acnes are the peelings which done by salicylic acids (BHAs). This material more superficially effects the epidermis (topmost layer of skin). Primarily it is used for acne and white and black spot treatments and secondarily it is used for treatment of spots. Herbal peeling applications are performed with 6-10 sessions with 2-3 weeks intervals. It can be used as supplementary after mesolifting (skin mesotherapy) application.

Medical Skin Care Treatment
Professional products including vitamins and antioxidans are used for in skin care for balancing the moisture ratio of sking and protection against acne and external factors. They can be used as supplementary after mesolifting (skin mesotherapy)

Co2 Fractional Laser
It is an effective treatment method which is used for correction of Acne traces (pustules) and holes, wound and burnt traces and appearance of skin cracks.

Rosacea Treatment With Laser

An effective treatment can be provided to Rosacea disease which is in deed a capillary vessel disease. A visual improvement can be obtained in single session.

Sun Protective Usage Table According to Skin Type

Type Skin Type Hair Color Properties Recommended Sun Protection Factor
Daily Usage IOutdoors
I Very white Red Easily tans never becomes suntan spf 15 spf 25-30
II White Yellow Easily tan, slight tans spf 12-15 spf 25-30
III Wheat color Hazel, black Sometimes tan , suntan at medium level spf 8-10 spf 15
IV Brunette (Mediterranean ) Black tans less, suntan well spf 6-8 spf 15
V Dark brunette (Middle East) Black rarely tans, suntans intensely spf 6-8 spf 15
VI Black (negro) Balck Almost never tans , dark color spf 6-8 spf 15