Post-Bariatric Surgery – Aesthetics after obesity

All details about post-bariatric surgery-aesthetics after obesity are on this page! In addition to the diet, surgical operations are frequently used to get the desired body shape. Overweight is a problem that causes the entire body to lose aesthetics starting from the person's face. Post-bariatric surgery (all surgical operations after obesity) is a series of aesthetic surgeries performed after these problems are overcome.

Post Bariatrik Cerrahi

Aesthetic Process after Post-Bariatric Surgery

In post bariatric surgery, selection of the surgeon is very important. Some of the operations are performed by plastic aestheticians and some of them are plastic surgeons.

Only 12 to 15 months after the bariatric surgery (stomach surgery), the person may achieve her/his  ideal body weight. One individual must preserve her/his body weight for 3 months in order to have Post bariatric surgery (aesthetics after obesity). Post-bariatric surgery (aesthetics after obesity) begins with bariatric surgery (aesthetics after obesity) process of the individual with deep sagging in his / her ideal weight and excessive weight loss for a minimum of 3 months.

Which procedures do post bariatric surgical procedures include?

Post-bariatric surgery (aesthetics after obesity) includes abdominal lift, thigh (leg) lift, arm lift, breast reduction, compaction, lifting, buttock lift and liposuction or various fat injection procedures depending on the need. This series of operations is planned by the doctor in a certain order and operations are completed at certain intervals. One may need one or more of these operations. Because operations are surgical, they are performed under general anaesthesia. Resting at home is recommended after several days of hospitalization. The points to be considered after each operation vary. You should not ask your doctor for support.

After completion of the desired change in the body by post-bariatric surgery (aesthetic after surgery) plastic surgery procedures, facial aesthetic touches are needed. Depending on the condition of sagging on the face, face lift, eyebrow, forehead lift and various filling applications may be required. With the planning you will make with your doctor, these aesthetic applications are completed respectively.

Remember that getting the body you want may not always be an easy process. Post bariatric surgery (post-obesity aesthetics), sports and diet can make this job easier than you think.