Lip Lift operation is the shortening of the distance between the lip and nose (filtrum). The procedure aims the people who are disturbed by the length in the filtrum region. This distance has an ideal size, which is between 11-15 mm. Apart from shortening the distance; the lip is lifted, giving the lip a natural volume.

Dudak Kaldırma (Lip Lift ) Ameliyatı


The procedure is applied under local or general anaesthesia. Excess skin is removed with an incision just below the nose. Do not scare from the incision is a very simple and comfortable application. One of the most curious questions is ’will there be a scar left?’ ’

We all want in aesthetic applications that let us walk in the snow and not show our mark. One of the important situations in lip lift process is the moment of erecting of the cut. It is inevitable that you will get results that will make you smile when applied by the right technique and experienced specialist doctors. Since the sutures are placed under the skin, there is not any visible suture scar.

Is it Permanent?

Lip lift is a permanent procedure.

How long does lip lift take?

The procedure lasts about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

What is the recovery period after the procedure?

After lip lift procedure; oedema, numbness, pain and swelling may appear. Cold compress may minimize the swelling. Pain is controlled by low-dose pain medication. These situations are temporary.

There is a recovery period of 1 week. Sutures are removed 5 days after surgery.


Postoperative Outcomes

*Face symmetry balance is provided.
*The distance between the lip and nose shortens.
*Permanent volume is provided to the lip.
*Makes the upper front teeth visible.
*The most important issue is applied by the right technical and experienced specialist doctor prevents the appearance of the gum.

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