Labioplasty -Aesthetic procedure of the Vagina

Genital aesthetics & vaginal aesthetics is a problem that many women cannot express due to shame. It is one of the trendiest aesthetic applications of recent times. Vagina aesthetics is the most important aesthetic problem affecting social life. Internal lip sagging, which is more common in women who give birth normally, can also be seen in adolescence.

This problem which causes insecurity in our social life is also important for health. The outer lips protect the inner lips and protect them from external factors. The possibility of infection is very high when the inner lip hangs outside the outer lip. Inner lip sagging also affects sexual life negatively.

Genital Bölge Estetiği Labioplasti Operasyonu

How is Vaginoplasty performed?

Labioplasty, which is a part of plastic surgery, is performed under general anaesthesia. The drooping inner lip is gathered to make it invisible when viewed from the outside. The operation takes about 30 to 60 minutes.

Recovery Period after the Procedure

The patient is hospitalized for 1 day. Pain, tenderness and oedema of the outer lips may occur in the operation area. This is normal. It resolves spontaneously within 7 to 10 hours. It takes 1 month for dissolving of the sutures.

Labioplasty is an operation that makes it easier for us to take precautions against various diseases while increasing self-confidence.