The phenomenon of gynecomastia is a phenomenon that affects only men and their causes are congenital, where the tissue of the breast or fatty tissue in the breast area is accumulated and the area becomes prominent and called this phenomenon (gynecomastia). In the process of breast surgery, we often face the large size of the nipple in the breast or its prominence, now through breast surgery you can completely get rid of this problem for life.


After the application of breast surgery is wearing the corset of the region and possible to return to normal life after the procedure in a very short period of example, the process can be done at the end of the week without any problems and return after two days to normal life.

Why does gynecomastia occur?

The phenomenon of gynecomastia arises from different factors; it is noted that the phenomenon of gynecomastia is caused by hormonal. This phenomenon may also be related to the presence of a particular disease in the internal organs or associated with the intake of certain drugs, around the chest area there is about 90% of the accumulated fat, which in turn lead to the phenomenon of gynecomastia.

Is surgery the only solution to treat gynecomastia?

The cause of the phenomenon of gynecomastia is the accumulation of fatty tissue and can be through exercise and a healthy diet to reduce the phenomenon of gynecomastia very simple, as these factors are only one of the delay methods of the development stages of breast growth and reduce by a very simple as we mentioned earlier is the solution The most appropriate and appropriate condition for this is either liposuction or breast surgery. After the examination, it is determined whether the patient's condition requires liposuction or need surgical intervention through breast surgery all depends on the amount of fat tissue in the breast area.

If the size of the breast due to fatty tissue can be addressed, this problem can be addressed through liposuction, while the large size of the breast due to accumulation and accumulation of adipose tissue is the solution through breast surgery.

Methods of treatment for breast size in men:

If the size of the breast because of the fat collected around the chest area is a simple solution is the treatment by liposuction and is through a tube of size of 2-3 mm and through the suction of fatty tissue to the outside and does not cause this application to leave no impact on the skin because The small size of the tube used, at the same time apply this treatment (liposuction) under general anesthesia and no pain is felt.

Some patients have a liposuction application to treat them while others need to get rid of adipose tissue in the breast area. As mentioned, if the size of the breast is increased due to accumulation of adipose tissue in the breast area, the only treatment is breast surgery.

Breast surgery does not cause pain or pain. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, after which the patient regains consciousness. The special corset is worn after the operation to compress the area and does not affect the movement of the patient and his daily activities.

Liposuction is performed for 1 to 2 hours, so there is no need to worry about the operation.

What precautions should be followed after the procedure?

If the liposuction is performed immediately after surgery, wear the area corset that works to compress the area and prevent voids in the area where the fat was withdrawn and removed. The patient will be given a normal shape in the breast area and tight muscles.

If the operation is breast surgery, after the operation with a period of 3-4 days the patient can drive the car and after a week of the process begins the patient walking light, in some cases can be pain in the area of the process is treated by pain relief, after a week of operation You can return to normal life activities.

Is it possible to treat the phenomenon of gynecomastia through drugs?

If the patient does not want to have surgery, he can take some treatments that may lead to some good results, but you should know that continuing to take these treatments may cause side effects.

Is Breast Growth Possible Again After Breast Surgery?

After the operation if there is fatty tissue in the region and increased the weight of the patient from 15-20 kg This leads to the accumulation of fatty tissue again and the size of the breast grows and remains in normal size.

Is there a specific age for breast surgery?

This procedure is performed after the age of 18 years. There may be some exceptional cases that require breast surgery but after certain tests are required by the doctor.

What type of anesthesia is used in the operation and what is the duration of anesthesia?

The type of anesthesia used in breast surgery is general anesthesia or local anesthesia, the type of anesthesia is determined after the patient's examination of the patient's condition and if there is no need to stay in the hospital the patient goes home, and the duration of the operation is approximately 45-90 minutes.

After breast surgery does the effect remain on the skin?

The reason for the large size of the breast is the accumulation of fat in the region and through the application of liposuction will not remain any effect on the skin after the operation, and in breast surgery when the procedure is expanding the glands in the breast tissue by making a crescent in the breast just below the nipple and from This is because the area where the procedure is performed is considered a transitional area, so the effect of stitches in it is not very clear, and it disappears over time.

Is breast surgery a risky operation?

There is a difference between the two areas may cause bleeding under the skin or the accumulation of fluids or infection due to the occurrence of inflammation for this reason to avoid all these problems must be carried out by the specialist doctor and in the operating room in the hospital, the likelihood of infection of inflammation is very low probability and to avoid it an antibiotic treatment is prescribed for the patient after the procedure.