Forehead lifting and eyebrow lifting procedures are performed to clear away deep forehead lines, lower and non-symmetrical eyebrows, deep lines between the eyebrows to achieve a younger forehead appearance and effective eyebrows. Low positioned eyebrows cause a tired expression whereas wrinkled forehead cause an old looking expression.

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Forehead Lifting is performed fro the individuals between 35 to 60 years of age. There are two forehead lifting methods. The first is clearing away the forehead by pulling back through an incision from one ear to another on the scalp and hiding the incision inside the hair. An important point here is alignment of the eyebrow properly due to pulling the forehead back.

The second method is Endoscopic procedure which is performed for 10 years. The aim for forehead lifting through endoscopic method is less incision and faster recovery. The procedure is performed by 2 to 3 small incisions in the hair at forehead level; the optic cameras inserted and the procedure is monitored in detail on the screen. The forehead and eyebrows are aligned and fixed as desired through small tools. Small incisions are closed and the procedure is completed.

The both forehead and eyebrow lifting procedures are performed in operating room under general anaesthesia.  The procedures last about 1 to 1.5 hours.


You may need to use bandages to stabilize the application after the surgery. The patient may return home after one day-hospitalization. Mild headache is an expected result in these procedures. The patient should not smoke for faster wound healing, just like in other operations. Protection against impacts is also among these measures.


  • Forehead lines disappear
  • Low eyebrow problem is eliminated, eyebrow symmetry is provided
  • Eyebrow line disappears

The durability of the forehead stretching process is lifetime.


A low eyebrow problem causes a tired, unhappy and old expression; and the difference between the curves between the eyebrows makes the application of eyebrow lifting necessary.

Eyebrow Lifting procedure is performed through small incisions on the scalp and lifting the upper eyelid level like the forehead lifting process. The temple stretching application is combined with eyebrow lifting, if necessary, these two operations are performed at the same time.

Eyebrow lift may be performed by both surgical and lifting methods. The durability of the procedure performed under general anaesthesia in the surgical method is lifetime. However, considering the mobility of muscles over the years, we can say that it is a repeatable procedure. Lifting under local anaesthesia depends on the permanence of medical ropes. Permanent ropes are used for 3 to 5 years. The method of eyebrow removal is decided according to the patient's expectation, the rate of low eyebrows and the opinion of the doctor.

Eyebrow Lifting Operation Healing Process

After the procedure with general anaesthesia, you can return home after 1 day of rest in the hospital. Within 1 week, you can continue your social life without any problems.

After Eyebrow Lifting

  • Low eyebrow problem is eliminated
  • You have a vigorous and effective expression
  • You may get rid of low eyelid problems simultaneously.

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