Everything you wonder about face lift and neck lift treatments is presented to you on this page. Face and neck lifting procedures are the rescuing operations of the signs of old age. With gravity and advancing age, our face and neck lose their previous tight and vigorous appearance. A sagging tick and the percentage make us look much older than we are.

Yüz ve Boyun Germe Ameliyatı


Neck and face lifting operations may be divided into two groups, with and without surgery. The method to be applied is determined by the doctor according to the degree of sagging and age. Mini sags are terminated with medical solutions such as facelift, french spice, spider, botox, and surgical methods are used to reach a permanent solution for more intensive sagging.


Face Lifting process is the most commonly used surgical procedure for intensive skin sagging in the face area due to excessive weight gain or loss or ageing. It is a permanent solution in the cases where facial asymmetry is impaired due to abundance of skin. Neck lifting is usually performed as a continuation of face lifting. In some cases, the patient only needs one of these procedures. The procedure is determined by the doctor. The most important point for the patients in face and neck lifting procedures is choosing the right doctor. Because, the operation is appropriate to your characteristic face structure is directly proportional to the success of the process.


Neck lifting is a surgical solution for sagged skin due to aging or weight gain, just like face lifting. Apart from these, only the skin of the neck may be sagged due to jowl fattening. It is a solution for skin loosening below and under the chin which can be easily seen in middle-aged people. The sagging of the face and neck is an aesthetic problem that is common in both men and women.


Eyebrow, forehead, ear distance and under-eye sagging are generally evaluated before face lift surgery. Accordingly, the nature of the process is determined. Care is taken to ensure that each area of your face is equally tightened. In the face lifting process, excess skin and muscle are pulled back to the hair area behind the ears, the skin is removed and the incision is sutured. Liposuction may also be performed during neck lifting surgery depending on the fat on the jowl. Both neck and face lifting procedures are performed in the operating room under general anaesthesia. In order to prevent blood from collecting under the chin, the patient is fitted with a recovery device. Resistance is removed after two days.

Social Life after Face-Neck Lifting

The biggest fear after face and neck lifting is whether the procedure will look natural. As we indicated at the beginning, the most important issue here is choosing the right doctor. After neck and face lifting procedures, the patient stays in the hospital for 1 day. After the operation, the face and neck become tense and the procedure settles down completely within 1 month. Pain due to oedema, swelling or tension is normal. After the face lift procedure, the person returns about 10-15 years back.

Permanence of Face and Neck Lifting

Both processes are permanent for life.

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