With the passage of time and age, the eye and the surrounding area begin to lose their beauty. The eye's circumference begins to form wrinkles around the eye. The elasticity of the tissues begins to fall around the eye. At the same time, the fatty layer begins to form in the tissues of the lower eyelid. Stretch and shape begins to change in the vicinity of the eye. Through the process of eye beautification is treated weak eyelid eye and the area surrounding the eye and remove fatty bags under the eye and lift eyelid eye and remove excess skin loose in the eyelid to give the eye a new form and younger.

Göz Kapağı Estetiği

How are eyelids applied?

The weakness of the upper eye eyelid and fatty bags in the lower eyelid of the eye, whether congenital or due to aging, is treated through the process of eye surgery by removing excess skin and fatty bags by scratching or scratching.

The appearance of the eye or the so-called fatty bags under the eye over time constitute a barrier, which is known as the orbital barrier, which leads to weakness of muscles around the eye and stimulates the formation of fatty bags. Therefore, the application of eye surgery helps in maintaining the aesthetic eye and protect it from the formation of fatty bags. Through modern techniques and developed where it is easy to get rid of fatty bags or the orbital barrier formed in the lower eyelid and remove it through the distribution of tissues in a deliberate and innovative.

Cosmetic surgery of the lower eyelid and the upper eyelid takes about an hour to two hours and before the procedure anesthesia the area locally and most of the time that eyelid operations and cheek surgery and neck surgery and removal of eyebrow and face tension is likely to work in common to get integrated results.

What precautions should be taken after eyelids?

After the operation the patient can practice life activities naturally without any concern, after the operation of 3-5 days may occur swelling and swelling is simple this is very normal. The swelling, swelling and color of the bruises begin to fade over time. After the operation, the eye is covered with thin dressing and no need to cover the eye with special bandages.

How long does it take to heal eyelids?

Very thin stitches are placed at the edges of the eye and removed after 5-7 days of operation. Stitches and holes begin to fade after 6 months.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, if the patient's desire to perform eye surgery for the upper eyelid and lower eyelid at the same time and after the examination of the doctor can do more than one operation at the same time without any side effects.

The patient can return to normal life within 5 days after removal of stitches from the surrounding eye.

After the operation of the eye surgery a slight swelling occurs in the vicinity of the eye and there is no pain and go away during the first week of the operation.