Breast reduction surgery is one of the most important operations for women in society. It is also one of the most common procedures especially for women with large breasts. The large size of the breast may lead to pain in the back and neck due to weight gain.

Göğüs Küçültme
  • Breast shrinkage in the bra due to large size leads to deviation and accumulation of excess skin in the shoulders area.
  • Sweating that occurs at the bottom of the breast, which leads to a bad smell and may sometimes lead to eczema in the skin.
  • For consistency at the top and bottom of the body when choosing clothes and not having difficulty choosing clothes also for this reason must perform breast reduction to avoid all these problems.

Procedures to be performed before breast reduction surgery

The patient is subjected to the examination by the specialist doctor and the patient is tested everything that happens during the process where the doctor explain everything that is related to the breast and what size it will be and what steps to get the ideal shape and what steps to conduct the process, To clarify the location of the appropriate nipple for the patient and how it will form after the procedure.

Before the operation is performed, the patient's blood tests are performed and complete tests are performed. If the patient is under 40 years of age, ultrasounds are performed only. If over 40 years of age, the mammogram is performed for the entire breast tissue.

How is breast reduction done?

The operation is performed under general anesthesia; the operation lasts from approximately 2-4 hours. To maintain the general structure of the breast shape to avoid any damage to him, the chest is cut from top to bottom regularly and in a specialized manner and if necessary surgery is performed from the bottom of the chest area in this case is made in the breast in the form of T inverted, not taken much of the tissue in the chest during the operation and replace the place of the nipple in the right place during the procedure.

The procedure of breast reduction gives the patient high self confidence because their results are very satisfactory.

Precautions to be followed after breast reduction surgery

After breast reduction surgery, the bra should not be used for 3 weeks. The aim is not to collect blood under the skin and in the operation area. The process may lead to pain and it is treated by pain relievers. All pain is completely eliminated after 4 days of operation. The patient must stay in hospital for 1-2 days. The patient can return to normal activities after 4 - 5 days of operation.

Do not exercise heavy sports after the operation for 4 weeks from the date of the process may be lost sensation in the area of ​​the process where the feeling of the region gradually over time.

Frequently asked questions

Before the procedure is performed, the doctor takes information about whether the woman is breast-feeding and on this basis the procedure is performed in a manner that does not affect breastfeeding.

Breast reduction surgery is performed so that no effect is made on the skin, but if the surgery is done by the inverted T shape, this can cause an effect in the area of the operation.

No, breast reduction surgery does not carry any risks to human life. The procedure is performed by the specialist after the examination.