Detailed information on breast lift and breast lift operations can be found on this page. Breast sagging is part of a natural process. Some causes for sagging include the effect of gravity over the years, the mother's breastfeeding process, weight gain or aging.

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There is a simple way to test whether you experience breast sagging. When you see yourself on the mirror, if your nipple is over the breast folding line, it is ideal; if it is equal to the line, your breasts sagged. You are also a candidate for breast lift and recovery.

If I get silicone prosthesis, will my breasts be lifted and compact at the same time?

If you have breasts sagged, silicone does not provide breast lifting. The excessive skin is removed and the nipple is taken to an ideal position.

May Breast Lifting and Breast Reduction procedures be Performed in the Same Session?

These two processes are often combined. During breast reduction, an automatic uplift and recovery is also applied.

May I Breastfeed after the Procedure?

The procedure is only for removing excess skin and muscle tissue. Milk channels and tissue are not damaged. In this way, you will not have a problem with breastfeeding.

Will Scar be left after Breast Lift Surgery?

Since the removal of excess skin and tissue is based on the ideal position of the nipple, it is a surgical process. Post-incision scarring is under the chest. This scar, which decreases over time, is acceptable by majority of the patients.

May Breast Lifting and Prosthesis be performed in the same session?

Yes. Lifting + reduction, lifting +augmentation may be performed upon the need and request.

Postoperative Recovery Process

The operation takes about 1-2 hours under general anaesthesia. After that, discharge that may occur are removed through drainage catheters. You may go home in the next day. A special athlete is used for about 1 month. You should take care to protect your chest from possible blows. You should also be careful not to lift heavy objects. A complete recovery is observed after approximately 1 month in the application with soluble medical ropes.

Is the procedure Repeatable?

Yes, a lifting and compaction procedure may be repeated for the breasts sagged within time.