Breast augmentation surgery is generally done in genetic cases where the size of the breast in a woman is small in genetics or because of shrinking the size of the breast after the end of the period of breastfeeding and the disappearance of tissue for breastfeeding, it leads to small size of breast or the cause of cosmetic only in this case is the process also.

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Some women want to enjoy a large size and shape straight, while others want a small and natural size and is unlikely to perform surgery.

The best thing to do in breast augmentation surgery is to enlarge it with synthetic silicone. Breast augmentation surgery is one of the oldest known surgical procedures in the world. Artificial breast does not affect the overall health of the body. The development of breast augmentation surgery through modern technology provides women with the opportunity to continue the process for life as opposed to previous operations where the process lasts for 5-10 years.

What should be done before breast augmentation surgery?

Before the breast augmentation procedure, the patient is examined and the size of the breast is compared to the body to obtain a consistent body after the operation and the examination of the condition whether there is a sagging in the chest area to get rid of it, if there is thrombosis in the chest area and the patient wants to get rid of it in the same process during Breast augmentation surgery, where the size of the chest is enlarged and raised.

How to determine the appropriate silicone before performing the operation?

Before the procedure, the patient is examined by the surgeon. The doctor explains what steps will be taken for the patient during the procedure and how the breast shape and size will be after the operation. Silicon is a circular shape that is used to enlarge the upper part of the chest. In order for the process results to be ideal and to get a more rounded shape, the first elliptical type is likely to be used in the bottom area Chest, and in the world of plastic surgery is the first type, which is placed under the chest, because it helps to give a more natural appearance and shape of the breast after the surgery, and the doctor during the preview rehearsing the patient to know what the final form of the breast.

How is breast augmentation performed?

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and the operation lasts from one hour to an hour and a half. The breast is enlarged according to the shape desired by the patient and on the basis of what was specified during the examination before the operation with the specialist doctor, whether from the bottom of the chest and enlarging the sides of the armpit also and about changing the place of the nipple , After obtaining the consent of the patient is the chest fill from the bottom and perform a fold down the chest to camouflage and not make the process clear and show the breast completely naturally, the incision is chest about 4-5 cm to insert the filling inside the breast, after the procedure and as the patient's case may remain Patient for one night If the patient is stable, the patient will go home.

What precautions should be followed after the procedure?

After the operation the next day the patient can return to normal life, after 5 days can work directly, and the patient to wear a special bra for 4 weeks according to the instructions of the specialist.

In this case, the patient can move comfortably and protect the place of the operation. Average of 4-6 weeks should not do business nor heavy sports.

After breast augmentation surgery, the patient may notice that the size of the breast is greater than what was agreed with the doctor during the examination. This is normal, as the breast takes its natural shape after 6 months of the procedure.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, certainly after the procedure, the patient can practice breastfeeding without any concern. One common mistake is to perform the procedure after the end of the breastfeeding period. Breast feeding channels do not interfere in any way with the procedure.

Silicon is a durable material and resistance and if not cut by a sharp material will never be affected and remains effective for life.

If a person wants to get aesthetic, the only and most appropriate solution is surgery.

Breast augmentation surgery, breast reduction surgery is performed after the age of 18 years.

No feeling of the area is lost after the operation.