Effective looks are indispensable for every beautiful woman and man. Bright under- eyes, lifted eyelids, large and slanted eye structure has become a symbol of beauty.

This is the reason for appearance of the Almond eye procedure which is commonly preferred by Hollywood celebrities. The most important difference from other aesthetic operations is that those who are below the age of 25 prefer the ones below the age of middle age.

Badem Göz Estetiği


Almond Eye Aesthetics is to pull the eye slightly upward to make the eye look bigger and to make the eyes look deeper. The most important detail here is the incompleteness. Most of the time, it is ensured that the expression tried to be given with makeup is permanent.

Who may have Almond eye Surgery?

Almond Eye Aesthetics is a process that fully addresses the aesthetic perception of the person. The main thing is whether your face and eye structure is aesthetically appropriate. Particularly preferred are those with low eye structure. After a detailed interview with your doctor, you can decide more clearly whether you want to have this procedure. It is an added value for Almond Eye Aesthetics that lifting procedure is reversible.

How is Almond Eye surgery done?

Local anaesthesia is performed before Almond Eye Aesthetics which is a surgical procedure. After anaesthesia, an incision is made from the outer upper corner of the eye and the eye is pulled up with a special surgical thread. The lifted tissue is fixed onto the bone membrane. Almond Eye shape is provided. The procedure is completed with 3 to 4 sutures; the sutures are removed one week after without any scar. The operation lasts about 30 to 60 minutes. The person does not need to be hospitalized.

The patient may speak easily and continue his daily life.

What are the effects of almond eye surgery on social life?

Almond Eye Aesthetics eliminates the attempt to close the low eye image with makeup consistently. The reason for the people without lower eyes is the depth they add to the look. Furthermore, Almond Eye is an aesthetic operation that is hardly noticed from the outside. People around notice that you have a different beauty; however, it is difficult to understand what it is. The low eye structure gives you a constantly tired and sleepy expression, while you gain a vigorous expression through this application.


Since the almond eye is simply a lifting procedure, it may remain about 3 to 4 years on the face. It is reversible if the patient is not pleased.