Tummy tuck surgery is usually performed to treat leaks and cracks that can not be treated in any other way. It occurs in the abdomen immediately after birth and with the passing of many days cracks and wrinkles in the abdomen and also occur many tics that can not be treated except through the process of tummy tuck.

Karın Germe (Abdominoplasti)

Abdominoplasty is not a process of losing weight but it is an application for people who have lost a certain weight. This loss leads to wrinkles and wrinkles especially in women after childbirth due to cracks during pregnancy and slackening of the abdomen.

Apply tummy tuck surgery

The process of stretching in the abdominal area is specifically from the bottom of the navel area directly to the beginning of the genital area, to the end of the abdomen where the fat is extracted in this region and redistributed in an equal and flat and regroup and re-skin to regain a flat stomach and tight. The result is the withdrawal of the skin from the top to the bottom of the abdomen and intensity during the process and to remove the skin loose and dangling in the lower abdomen, after the operation and tightening the abdomen may change the place of the navel where it rises to the top of the abdomen and becomes the scene is undesirable, Place the old navel and open the secret place again where its natural place in the middle of the abdomen.

Tummy tuck can be done through medically defined types and is only three types:

  • Tummy Tuck (Mini)
  • Full tummy tuck
  • Tighten the abdomen

Tummy tuck in the simplified way (mini)

If the abdomen has a slight form of sagging or any type of cracks and minor wrinkles, the abdomen is pulled from the bottom by 5-10 cm where the abdomen becomes flat and tight and the patient will not need to change the location of the navel.

Tummy Tuck Full Way

The fat below the skin is extracted into the abdomen and the area is fully stretched and the skin is adjusted and stretched flat flat.

During the procedure it occurs that the muscles in the abdomen are removed to the sides and this causes laxity in the skin for this reason the membrane is sewn inside the abdomen to maintain the abdominal muscles and keep the skin taut. In this case the abdominal muscles are strong and remain in all layers of the skin and the shape of the abdomen flat and straight.

Tummy tucks are reversed

This type of tummy tuck is not preferred in the majority because it occurs in the area of ​​the bottom of the chest almost and the effect of stitches remains on the skin

Can everyone perform abdominoplasty surgery?

Abdominoplasty is more likely to occur in women than in men, because women are vulnerable to pregnancy and childbirth. During pregnancy and postpartum, there are many rapid changes to the abdominal area. The area is more vulnerable to skin loosening, tingling, and tingling. Natural.

Tummy tuck can also be performed for men but under appropriate conditions depending on the condition of the body.

In general, a tummy tuck is performed for 80% of women and all that is mentioned regarding abdominal surgery occurs after the person loses 30-40 kg of weight to remove excess laxatives.

After the procedure of tummy tuck surgery you can conceive and give birth

Ideally, it is preferable to perform the procedure after the completion of reproduction completely, since if a tummy tuck was performed and after which the child was born, it is possible that the sagging and cracking will occur again.

What preparations are needed before the operation?

As a routine procedure, a blood test is performed before the procedure is applied, in addition to certain other tests for the patient if he suffers from stomach problems or has a hernia in the abdominal area. All these tests are prior to the operation and previous births are not an obstacle to abdominal surgery . The patient should not smoke 4 weeks before the procedure and 4 weeks after the procedure.

What happens after the procedure

The tummy tuck is performed under general anesthesia and lasts from one to two hours. The patient stays in the hospital for one night after the operation. After the patient has gone to the house, it is preferable not to rest for a long period of time. If the patient's job is not a hard job, he can work immediately after two days of the operation. If his job is a hard job, he should rest for a period of one to ten days.

After the procedure, it is recommended to wear the abdominal corset, it works to compress the area and prevent the occurrence of spaces under the skin to prevent the accumulation of fluids, then the goal of protecting the abdomen and get a compressed and tight abdomen, the length of wearing the corset varies from person to person and ranges between 3-6 weeks, Make a light massage for the abdomen to get perfect results.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, pregnancy is possible, but as we mentioned earlier, Dr. advised to perform the process after the completion of reproduction completely to avoid the occurrence of sagging and cracks again.

Dispose of excess weight directly in case of increased body weight and advised not to drink alcohol, a balanced diet and exercise permanently, all of these methods work to protect the body after the operation.

Abdominoplasty is the best solution and the best treatment for the abdominal area. The body will not return to its old shape, especially the shape of the abdomen, but only the excess weight in the abdomen and improve the shape of the abdomen after pregnancy and reproduction.

The pain caused by the simple tummy tuck compared to the tummy tuck is very simple. After the operation, there may be some pain while standing upright and these symptoms last for a week after the procedure.