Everything you want to know about hair transplantation without shaving is on this page! Hair transplantation is one of the most common applications used by men. People who want to have hair transplantation make use of the most comfortable techniques because they want this process to be at the level that affects their social life to a minimum.

Traşsız Saç Ekimi Long Hair

Hair Transplantation without shaving is a method developed for this purpose. Hair transplantation may be performed especially on the front side of the head called the front shed.

With FUE Technique, it is possible to do hair transplantation without shortening your hair. There are multiple advantages of unshaven hair transplantation.

  • Since the transplanted grafts are intertwined with intact hair, a dense hair image is formed.
  • You may easily continue your social life after unshaved hair transplantation.
  • You may easily guess how the result will be especially in planting in front of the hair.
  • Shaven hair transplantation is noticed at first glance, unshaven hair transplantation is not easily noticed from the outside.

In particular, women might have renounced from hair transplantation due to necessity of hair shaving or most patients do not want this procedure to be noticed. Unshaven Hair Transplantation may be done among your existing long hair and offers you a treatment that does not leave the social life.

The only disadvantage of unshaven hair transplantation is the need for a more rigorous study in order to avoid damaging the healthy hair follicles since the hair is transplanted between them.

Unshaven Hair Transplantation is not a different technique; it is possible to apply DHI and FUE methods with or without shaving.

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