Hair loss is an inconvenience that is often seen in both men and women due to hormonal, genetic reasons or the aging. It causes a lack of confidence in people and decreases the quality of life significantly. With the development of the methods used in hair transplantation recently, satisfactory results are obtained and thus the person's natural appearance can be protected. Although there are many different methods used in hair transplantation, FUE (Folicular Unit Extraction) technique in this matter is the most ideal method for hair transplantation that has been developed so far.

Saç Ekimi (FUE)

What is FUE Technique?

FUE (Folicular Unite Extraction) technique is a hair transplantation method which is based on transfer hair roots which were taken from nape area of human one by one to areas where there are not hair. Hairs which were taken from any region (back, chest, legs etc) can also be transferred.

Why is FUE Technique is the most ideal method?

Reason why is FUE technique is preferred more than other hair transplantation method can be summarized as following;

  • It does not leave any trace in areas where hair roots were taken.
  • Suture is not applied since cut is not performed in hair skin.
  • Hair transplantation costs are less with respect to other methods.
  • Eyebrow, moustache and beard transplantation can also be performed with FUE technique.


The first stage of hair transplantation operation after necessary tests, informing and planning is to shave the hair and narcotizing the area (donor ) where hair roots will be taken by local anesthesia.

Collection of hair Roots
Hair roots are taken from donor area in single, double and triple groups (graft) and stored in a specially prepared solution.

Determination of Forehead and Hair Line
Forehead and hair line which are determined by doctor and patient together by utilizing from photos which were taken before hair loss is important to achieve the natural appearance of hair.

Opening Channels
Micro channels are opened in areas in hairless area before transplanting the collected hair roots. Opening channels is a work which needs expertise by itself. Angle of channels and frequency is the most important aspect for achieving the natural appearance.

Hair Root Transfer
Finally hair transplantation is completed by placing the hair roots into micro channels one by one.

Recovery Period
Transplanted hair may grow for 2 weeks. Complete loss of hair in average 1 months is not a situation to be afraid. Lost hairs take a visisble status in average 3-4 months, and almost more than half of them grow in six months and entire hair grow in one year and take the final statıs.

Hair Transplantation Operation Duration
Hair transplantation operation averagely lasts for 6-8 hours

Warnings Before Hair Transplantation

Hair should be washed before operation, external solution, hair gel should not be applied in hair.

  • Usage of aspirin or other anticoagulant medicines should be left one week before.
  • Alcohol drinking should be left before 3 days. Smoking cigarette should be left 1 day before.
  • Heart, diabetes and tension patient should notify the medicines that they use to doctor.
  • An adjustable cap should be brought for usage after operation.

Warnings for After Hair Transplantation Period.

After hair transplantation person should absolutely go to clinic where operation had been done for medical dressing and first washing of bandaged part should not make intervention to hair by himself.

  • Should prefer lie back position for one week and do not itch or rub in transplanted area. Also sexual act should be avoided in this period.
  • Public bath, pool, see and severe sports activiites should be avoided for one month and dirct sunlight should not be exposed.

Washing Operation

  • Washing hair should start absolutely on the day which is advised by doctor. This can be said averagely the 3. day after the first washing in clinics.
  • Hair should be washed with warm water, over hot or cold water should be avoided.
  • Care lotions and shampoo which are recommended by doctor should be used for the first two weeks.
  • Rubbing should not e made in area while hair is churned in transplanted area, hair should be rinsed after shampoo is slighty churned.
  • Drying should ne madeby hair dryer in warm setting and from far distance and rubbing with towel should never be done. Towel can only be used for taking intense wetness by pressing slightly.
  • Solution, hair gel etc out of doctor recommendation should not externally be applied in hair.