Hair Mesotherapy is the method of being injected of the appropriate medicine under the hairy skin with the help of tiny needles in order to stop hair loss and regain the natural vitality to the hair.

Saç Mezoterapisi

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a treatment method which is based on injection of medicine which is prepared special for treatment to 1 to 6 cm inner part of skin. It was firstly used by French Doctor Michel Pistor in 1952.

In which therapies is mesotherapy used?

  • For preventing hair loss
  • In local slimming treatments
  • In eliminating cellulites
  • Treatment of cracks which occur during pregnancy
  • In face rejuvenating treatments
  • In acne and wound trace treatments

In Which Type of Exuviations is Hair mesotherapy effective?

As well as there are many reasons for hair exuviations the exuviations which respond to mesotherapy are metabolic ones, exuviations which are caused by stress and sudden exuviations which appear after pregnancy. It is a supporting treatment method in other hormonal and genetics exuviations.

Is Hair Mesotherapy Applied to Everyone

  • People who have heart failure
  • Diabetes patients
  • People who have renal failure
  • During pregnancy/ nursing period,
  • People who anti coagulen treatment

Treatment Process

Treatment is in form injecting the prepared the mixture under skin. Operation which is performed with micro injectors do not include pain or aches or have in tolerable levels. Patient can continue to daily life after treatment. Results start to be seen after 2. session

Should I Have Hair Mesotherapy?

Make a small test to yourself. Touch and pull your hands without forcing so much. If 3-4 barba come in each time we recommend you to have treatment immediately.