Eyebrow and eyelash transplantation has become more accessible with the developing techniques and decreasing procedure costs. Our eyebrows and eyelashes may be sparse congenitally and may be shed especially in women because of stress of daily life. This stops being a problem for women who wants to be beautiful and attractive through eyebrow and eyelash transplantation.

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The problem of eyebrow loss  which is frequently seen in women becomes permanent in most cases. Permanent makeup etc. is usually considered as the solution.  However, the most natural solution to this problem is the eyebrow transplantation procedure.

Men have only hair loss. However, women also suffer from alopecia problem in eyebrows and eyelashes. Eyebrow Loss (Madarosis) affects one in every 100 women. It is important to pay attention to eyebrow loss problem. Otherwise, an irreversible process may be experienced.


The drugs used in treatment may cause temporary and permanent eyebrow loss. At this point, eyebrow transplantation may be a solution.

  • There are various causes for eyebrow loss. These include;
  • The main mistake is eyebrow plucking,
  • Health problems experienced by the person.


First of all, you should go to a dermatologist. The underlying cause of eyebrow loss should be investigated. Because shedding may often be associated with mistakes of the individual. In addition, diseases and medications used may cause eyebrow hair loss. Therefore, a dermatologist should be referred.

You should continue the treatment recommended by your doctor for at least 6 months. If there is no positive development in this process, one solution remains. This solution is eyebrow transplantation. However, no hurry is required for this method. It is essential that you do a serious research beforehand. Otherwise, you may have the procedure by the individuals without sufficient experience. As a result, annoying results may occur.

FUE technique is used in eyebrow transplantation. The procedure is completed under local anesthesia within 3 to 4 hours. The roots collected from the neck during eyebrow transplantation are used. Transplant roots should be transplanted at a certain angle from a certain direction. The current angle on hair follicles is 45 degrees. However, roots are removed from the skin at an average angle of 10-15 degrees during eyebrow transplantation. Eyebrow transplantation should therefore be performed by specialists.


There are some issues to be considered when making a search for the procedure. Two techniques are used for eyebrow transplantation. One of the first and oldest techniques is FUT. This technique is frequently used in hair transplantation process. However, it is not used in beard and eyebrow transplantation. Therefore, the person who performs eyebrow transplantation must know the FUE method. The FUE technique was first introduced in 2003. FUE is the most successful solution for hair and eyebrow transplantation. It is possible to get the most natural result through this method. There is not any institution providing FUE training. Therefore, the number of experts familiar with this technique is quite limited.

In the eyebrow transplantation technique, the hair to be planted is collected from the neck. The procedure is not different in hair, eyebrow and beard transplantation. In all transplantation procedures, the hair to be used is obtained from the human body. Eyebrow transplantation is performed through the individual’s own hair. For this purpose, a 1 cm area on the nape of the neck is shortened by shaving. Hair roots to be transplanted from the designated area are collected. Hair roots are taken individually with tips not larger than 0.6- 0.7 mm. Because, using a wider tip during transplantation leaves scar. The hair follicles are not collected individually in FUT technique. Instead, after the scalp is cut in the operating room, the hair follicles are separated. Therefore, the FUT method is not recommended.

The hair follicles collected for transplantation should be transplanted immediately. Like all cells, hair roots are also alive. They need oxygen. Hair follicles get the oxygen / vitamin they need through red blood cells. The hair collected for transplantation should be transplanted as soon as possible.  Otherwise, they would die without oxygen. Therefore, in the FUE method, the picking / implantation process is carried out several times. In other words, less hair roots are collected and immediately transplanted. This process is repeated as needed.

Eyebrow transplantation should be done at an angle of 25-30 degrees. Because, the eyebrows transplanted should not come upright. There may be problems faced by experts who do not have experience in this field. The problem most commonly encountered by doctors in this situation is the problem of upright growth. In order to avoid this problem, transplantation should be done at 25-30 degree angles.


Eyebrow transplantation is performed in office environment. The procedure is carried out under the supervision of a specialist doctor. Crusting with a size of needle tip may also be observed in the transplantation area for one week. However, the crusts are shed after a short time. Therefore, it does not constitute an obstacle to the daily life of the patient.

The person who has eyebrow transplantation should not be exposed to sunlight for two weeks. It is important to avoid environments such as sea and pool. In addition, it is recommended that the person who has eyebrow transplantation should not engage in intensive sports.

After the eyebrow transplantation, the eyebrow will reappear after 3 months in average. It takes the final shape within 7 to 8 months. Like in hair transplantation, shedding occurs after 15 days. Such shedding lasts for 3 months. At the end of this period, there is no shedding in the eyebrows transplanted.

In eyebrow transplantation, the hair collected from the nape grows within a shorter period. Patients are advised to cut the hair with a 15-day interval. At the end of the year, eyebrow emerge from the transplantation site. Then, growth speed slows down. This reduces the need for cutting and correction.

Eyebrow planting allows getting the most natural appearance possible. However, it is important that you get services from places with sufficient experience.


Eyelashes are the most important elements that reveal the beauty of one's eyes. Aesthetically beautiful eyelashes are also important for human health. Eyelashes for protecting the eyes; protects eyes from dust particles. Hair transplantation, which emerged with the first practice of a Japanese doctor 80 years ago, has shed light on many issues since then. Hair transplantation is the beginning of this.

At the beginning of 2000s, with the development of technology, hair transplantation as well as beard, eyebrow, mustache and eyelash transplantation issues have also raised the agenda. FUE technique is used during eyelash transplantation.


In addition to people whose eyelashes are damaged due to burns, injuries, bumps and such accidents; eyelash damage by fake eyelashes or excessive cosmetic use of eyelashes may cause eyelash loss. Eyelash transplantation is also applied to people who experience such problems as well as those who have lost their eyelashes due to lack of congenital eyelashes, radiotherapy treatment, sparse eyebrows, hypothyroidism, and alopecia totalis etc.

Eyelash transplantation is performed through FUT method. Today, hair transplantation centers use FUE method instead of this method because of many advantages. How is eyelash transplantation done with FUE method?


The elongation of the hair follicles after eyelash transplantation may be disadvantageous to some individuals. Because, styling or shortening may be needed after 1 to 2 months when eyelashes grow. Eyelash care requires utmost care and attention. Men do not know much about eyelash styling and care. Therefore, especially for men, care after eyelash transplantation may be considered as a disadvantage.

This situation, which is seen as a disadvantage for men, is the opposite for women. Women see this as an advantage. Because having longer and fuller lashes in the sense of aesthetics will contribute to their appearance more beautiful. In this way, women will give their eyelashes the shape they want.


Eyelashes are located on both the upper and lower eyelids. Eyelash transplantation can be done to both lower and upper lashes depending on the request.

Lower eyelashes are a little more difficult to maintain than upper eyelashes. This is because the lower lashes need to be shorter than the upper lashes. For this reason, if you want to have transplantation for lower eyelashes; you should be prepared for careful and regular maintenance after transplantation. Because this process is challenging and difficult, some people do not want to have lower eyelash transplantation.

The angle of the lashes in the lower eyelids is different from the angle of the upper lashes.

Eyelash transplantation is performed onto the eyelids. Therefore, it is very important for the patient not to move the eyelids during the operation. In order to avoid any problems during the operation, the patient is sedated before the operation. Sedation puts the patient to sleep for a short time. This prevents the patient from moving the eyelids. This enables the physician to make the procedure better and the patient to feel better.

After the eyelash transplantation, a slightly blackish-purplish line may form on the eyelids of the patient. This event does not affect the patient's daily life in any way.

After 1 or 2 days after the operation, small scabs may occur on the roots of the eyelashes. They can only be noticed when you look carefully. Therefore, there is no situation affecting the patient negatively.

Shedding in hair transplantation also occurs in eyelashes. Approximately one month after the eyelash transplantation, the spills last for 3 or 4 months.

It takes a period between 4 and 6 months for individuals to attach to the area where the transplanted eyelashes are planted and to look like your natural eyelashes.

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