Excess and unwanted hairs are annoying, embarrassing and ongoing major problem for many years all over the world as it is in Turkey for a lot of people. So negatively affects social and professional life of people with this condition, reduces the quality of life. Causes people to lose self-confidence.

Lazer Epilasyon

Source of Problem

Notwithstanding that formation reasons of unwanted hair and pilar are different from person to person, in general the reasons can be mentioned as:

  • Methods such as epilating wax, nippers,
  • Puberty and menopause,
  • Changes which occur in hormones after childbirth,
  • Birth control pills,
  • Problems which occur at hair glands,
  • Cortisone,
  • Depression,
  • Adrenaline secretion

Do not worry! You are not helpless…

Absolute do not worry, getting rid of this adversity is very easy with laser hair removal…

In addition it is not painful like epilating wax, epilator and similar conventional Hair Removal methods. More importantly is that, laser Hair Removal is a treatment method which is permanent lifelong.

Let us bring up… What is Laser Hair Removal?

Firstly laser hair removal is the most efficient method to get rid of unwanted hair and pilar. Melanin pigment is at the target of laser beams. Laser beams which reached to melanin creates heat here and destroys the pilar roots. As a result of this wanted Hair Removal occurs in that area.

Is Laser Hair Removal Applied to Everyone?

Notwithstanding that laser Hair Removal is a reliable method which has been applied for years; treatment should be avoided in some cases. Those are:

  • People who are at younger ages and who did not complete their pilar structure development
  • Hepatitis-B diseases
  • Pregnant
  • People who have skin and dermis diseases

Is Laser Hair Removal applied to every area?

Areas where laser Hair Removal application is not applied and considered to be undesirable are:

  • Scar and open wounds,
  • Areas where there are eczema and fungus diseases,
  • Mole,
  • Hair roots,
  • Inner part of nose and hair,
  • Around eyes and lashes
  • Over tattoos (There can be disorders at tattoo since laser will target the pigment inside tattoo.)


Laser Hair Removal does not have same effects in every bodies even it does not have same effect in different areas of same person. In this case devices which can shoot at different wavelengths are needed. Most common used laser hair removal types are:

  • Alexandrite Laser: Alexandrite (755 nm) laser beam to the target hairs that are, without damaging the surrounding tissue removal provides a focus on the melanin pigment.
  • Nd:Yag Laser: Nd:YAG (1064nm) laser beams maintain Hair Removal by concentrating on hemoglobin and effecting capillary vessel which feed the hair roots.
  • Diode Laser: Those are laser systems having diode (810 nm) wavelength. Same with Alexandrite laser, target is melanin pigment.
  • IPL: Contrary to what is believed; IPL is not a laser type, it is an effective Hair Removal method which means “Intense Pulsed Light” having wavelength between 400 nm to 1200 nm

Well but which Laser?

Correct question in here should be “Which is most suitable for me” or “ Which laser is more effective at which region” instead of “Which laser question” Because without considering the criteria such as - Skin color, - Hair color, - Hair thickness, - Hair depth, - Skin sensitivity operation success can not be provided.

Which Laser is more Effective at Which Skin Color?

In general sense, successful results are achieved by Alexandrite laser at people who has light skin color and dark hair color. But Nd:Yag or Diode Laser is used in people who are more brunette. Here Skin color intention is the genetic skin color of person. Laser shots which are applied to skin color which were obtained by tanning are ineffective or less effect.

The thing should be known as a rule is that used laser beams should be sensitive with pigment (color molecule). It is impossible for the device to sense hair, pilar, or any other material. Therefore shots which were made to tanned skin is very risky. Permanent blotches may occur over skin since laser beams can not make pilar and skin distinction.

Which laser is more effective in which Skin /Pilar color?

As well as the Alexandrite laser is the most ideal method for pilar and hair in dark color; almost all other laser methods are effective in dark colored hair and pilar. However, preferring Alexandrite Laser or logically selecting the method which has lower wavelengths makes treatment with less pain. Diode and Nd:Yag Laser and even IPL may be used for light color hairs (red, yellow, etc) instead of Alexandrite Laser.

Which Laser is more Effective at in Which Hair/Pilar thickness

Almost all laser results with typically same effect over thick pilar. Problem occurs in thinner pilar. IPL is the most effective method at thinner pilars.In In cases where pilar are thinner and IPL is in effective, absolute solution is epliation with needle which causes pain. However epilation with needle practice is not implemented in our clinics.

Which laser is more effective at in Which Hair/Pilar depth?

As the depth of hair and pilar increases, devices having greater wavelengths become more effective. As the thickness of pilar/hair increases Alexandrite (755nm), Diode (810nm), Nd:Yag (1064nm are preferred direct proportionally with same order. But the deeper treated, sensed pain will also increase. Laser which should be preferred firstly is Alexandrite Laser after considering the pilar and hair structure.

Which laser is more effective at in which skin type.?

Considering distinct from all other criteria, skin sensitivity should have the highest importance. Devices which have lower wavelengtf should be used In our body's areas which are considered to be sensitive (face, arms, shoulder). Most ideal method for this should be IPL in particular for face. Shots which are performed by devices having greater wavelength will be both more painful and will cause more irritation over skin. Although this case less possibility, they may stimulate the thinner pilars in that region and may cause them to grow with darker color.Here again epilation with needle may be used even it causes pain.

As a result…

All laser and IPL systems do not have superiority over each other, they have different advantages and disadvantages. Alexandrite Laser, Nd:Yag Laser and IPL technologies are successfully used in our clinics.

Treatment Period

Our patient's clinical history are listened by our specialists before starting treatment, and diagnosis created by learning what had been performed before or how does he/she reacts against operations And answers were searched about the reason for hairing whether it is hormonal or genetic. The treatment method is specified after examination of skin and hair structure. And the application starts. This period is completed in very short time. Provided that all other conditions are suitable treatment may start in same day.

Laser Hair Removal at women

Aesthetic appearance worry of women and over hairing problems , push the women in Turkey and in the world for the search of solution and while pincer, epialting wax, epilating cream are in question, laser technology which occurred from requests and by collating the medicine and electronics technology had become a sector on its own.

Most frequent implemented region in women are:

  • Between eye brows
  • Over eyebrows
  • Sideburns
  • Over lip
  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Face
  • Axilla
  • Arm
  • Leg
  • Breast
  • Nipple/between breasts
  • Bikini area
  • Genital

Laser epilating in men

Although it gets les favor between men, it was observed that recently also men care their appearance and the effort for preventing over hairing has increased.

  • Over beard
  • Between eye bros
  • Ear
  • Nape
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Arm
  • Leg

Are the regions the application is more frequently applied.

It should be especially mentioned that laser epilation is more succesful at men because of hair structure.

Number of sessions

Firstly we should know that getting rid of hair and pilar with just one session has no realistic correspondence. Because hair and pilar in our body has growing (anagene), resting (telogene) and exuviation(catagebe) stages. If laser is applied at h air growing stage, it can be possible to disappear in that session permanently. But exuviation can not be obtained if they are not it growing stage. Therefore the laser epilating sessions increase and durations like 1-2 month are foreseen.

Session durations and Session Intervals

Laser epilating session durations change according to place of hair and genetically properties of person. Laser epilation durations change between 15 minutes and 45 minutes. While 4-8 sessions having 1-3 month intervals may be required for body areas, Monthly 6-12 sessions may be necessary for face epilation. Sessions in face epilation may be longer with respect to body areas. Hairs over skin which had grown up to 0,5 cm is suitable for epilation without waiting for being longer.

Warnings before Laser Hair Removal

Of course those warnings will be explained to you when you come to our clinics, but you can adjust your treatment start time by using this information. Before Laser epilations:

  • Practices which will rupture hair and pilar from their roots such as epilating wax, epilation device, pincer, yarn etc should be avoided. These methods make roots thinner and decreases the hairs' sensitivity to laser. If those were applied, treatment should start after 3 weeks interval.
  • Sunbathing and especially solarium should be avoided before application. Treatment should start 2-3 days later.
  • Hair should be shortened by scissor or blade There is no problem for using epilating creams, but hair and pilar should be waited for to appear at skin surface. Even it is less, heat occurs during epilaton therefore longer hair and pillar causes unnecessary creation of more heat and energy.
  • Applications which may make pilar color yellow should be avoided.
  • Drug named "Roaccutane" should not be used in last six months.

Warnings after Laser Hair Removal

Slightly irritations and redness may occur after treatment. Burn feeling at skin will disappear in a few hours. Similarly, redness will turn into normal status within day. After laser epilation:


  • You should not be expose to sunlight or solarium for few weeks, and if it is not possible to avoid exposure, protective creams having highest protection factor should be used.
  • It should be cared water is not hot so much, lest warm water which body can stand should be selected.
  • Hair which were exuviated after laser epilation should not be taken similarly by epilating, wax, epilation tool, pincer, yarns or epilating cream. They can maximum be closed by scissor or blade.
  • Applications such as peeling, rubbing and other applications which may irritate skin should be avoided.
  • Next session date which will be given by specialists should be respected.