Thickening of the voice for some cases within the concept of voice aesthetics is extremely effective and beneficial in terms of social communication and perception in society. Sound thickening applications are usually for men.

Ses Kalınlaştırma

In this context, the most frequently encountered group of patients consists of puberphonia cases where there is no change in voice thickening during adolescence. Our childhood voice normally thickens with the transition to puberty. But sometimes this thickening does not occur and the sound remains subtle. This may naturally lead to misunderstanding of the individual in society and social isolation.

It is possible to achieve an effective and permanent thickening of the sound with a number of surgical interventions to be performed for this group of patients who may achieve satisfactory results with voice therapy studies.

In a group of patients who have a structural disorder in the vocal cords or who have undergone some previous operations through vocal cords as a complication, they become a subtle vocal problem for a group of patients. In such cases, voice thickening operations are very good.

Being slim may cause problems in business life, especially in terms of authority and effectiveness. This is becoming more and more important in occupational groups with high level of social communication, in managers and in occupations where authority is in the forefront. Sound thickening is extremely important in such cases and it is possible to obtain very effective results with some simple surgical procedures.


There are several different surgical techniques used to thicken the sound. The most well-known technique is the Type 3 thyroplasty technique, which is performed under local anesthesia with an incision in the anterior lower part of the neck. By means of this incision, thyroid cartilage is reduced and the vocal cords are loosened and the tension wire is reduced to produce a thicker sound. Other and more recent surgical techniques used for this purpose are Relaxation Thyroidoplasty and Baklava (Diamond) thyroplasty. These two surgical techniques are also applied under local anesthesia and with a similar skin incision. The aim is again to loosen the vocal cords and thus to thicken the sound. Each of the 3 techniques is very successful in terms of thickening the sound.

The sound is rested for one week after surgery.