Smiling pleasantly makes you privileged during social communication. Everybody wants a pleasant smile. Dental aesthetics-design of smile aims to treat problematic oral and dental structure.

Diş Estetiği (Gülüş Tasarımı)

An aesthetic smiling has several benefits;

  • People approach you positively.
  • It solely facilitates the connection which is tried to be established verbally.
  • It provides to affect people easier.
  • An aesthetic smile is perceived as a positive discrimination feature in women and men at the same level.

All these details necessitate the smile design / dental aesthatic. We believe that aesthetics is integral from head to feet; therefore, we, Maya Estetik Center, provide services for dental health, dental aesthetics, smile design with experienced staff.

What are the components required for a pleasant and pink aesthetic smile?

  • The distance between teeth and lips.
  • The smile line appeared when you smile
  • Length of the teeth
  • Gingiva level
  • Colour and alignment of the teeth

Smiling is a personal feature. Smile design is obtained through performing one or more of the above depending on the need.. A planning is done first according to the mouth, teeth and lip formation of the patient. Photos of oral cavity and face ate taken and a treatment plan is created through requests of the patient.

After the procedures are planned in order inDental Aesthetic/Smile Design, surgical dental procedures are performed first (implant, filling etc.) After recovery period, teeth whitening, porcelain laminates etc. are performed.

Cutting or veneering the teeth is determined according to the patient's dental state in smile design . Some patients may not need these. Gingiva colour and teeth alignment are performed after the procedure above. Laser is applied to the ginviga when needed. A pink gingiva appearance with an adequate distance to the teeth is achieved when you smile.

Medical aesthetic procedures may also be performed inSmile design . Filling may be performed on the lips and facial area to provide the best aesthetic smile. You may have a healthy and aesthetic smile following these procedures.

Smile designmay be completed in a single session or multiple sessions depending on the patient.