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Ingrown toenail is a nail problem which might be experienced by anyone such as children, young and old alike etc. It is a problem that makes difficult to walk, wear shoe; namely the daily life in brief. Nails are formed in a region called matrix located at the nail root. Sometimes end parts of the nail are curved and prick to the skin from the side, and sometimes completely prick to the nail bed and form infection in that area. It becomes a misery to wear shoe on a nail where pain and swelling develops.


  • Wrong nail cut
  • Nail fungus infection (onychomycosis)
  • Overweight
  • Genetic susceptibility


  • 3TO Brace System
  • B/S Tape Application

3TO Brace System
The braces which have a hooked structure just like dental braces are used by specialist in order to correct nail deformities according to shape and place of the ingrown by curving their ends. With this system, the impacted nail with a damaged bed is suspended with titanium wires from both sides, squeezed in the middle and raised upwards. The nail is enabled to remove from its ingrown recess and grow evenly. Right after 3TO application, the patient takes on his/her shoes and continue his/her daily life. With this method which needs no operation, the patient comes for checkup at certain periods and the attachment place of brace is changed.

B/S Spange
B/S spange is preferred due to reasons such as not being recognized visually from outside in open slippers and shoes also in summer days, being suitable for nail painting, children who have ingrown problem but are afraid of treatment and since no infection is formed during ingrown treatment of diabetic patients.

Nail surface is made ready by milling end before B/S spange aplication which is used for ingrown nail. It is cleaned by special solutions. Plasters have different dimensions, they are selected according to the person's nail length and applied on the nail horizontally by a specific technique. Pricked parts of the hooked nails open gradually on lateral sides and thus improvement is observed. Plasters should be replaced in certain periods.

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