Eyebrows are the most important part of our facial expression. Eyebrows may provide a nervous, confused, tired, vigorous expression to the individual according to the level.

Low eyebrow problem may sometimes be caused by genetics and sometimes by deformation caused by age. This situation of the eyebrows makes you look tired and older. Although the situation is tried to be corrected by means of makeup tricks and eyebrow contour, all of these are no more than temporary solutions.

Ameliyatsız Kaş Kaldırma

Permanent eyebrow removal methods include surgical removal or filling-botox methods as a medical solution. However, medical applications lose their effect after a short time and surgical methods are scary. Permanent eyebrow removal made with the lifting method is the solution to all these problems. Both are non-operative and long-lasting. Lifting is a method that provides positive results by eliminating the risks and complications of surgical operations.

Permanent eyebrow suspension is completed in a very short time without leaving scars, creating loss of sensation and opening deep incisions.

An advantage is that it eliminates the problem for the people with low eyelid problems.

Before permanent eyebrow lift, deep-acting local anesthesia creams are applied to the area to be treated. Then the scalp on the upper part of the forehead is entered, so that the incision scar is not visible. The lifting rate of the eyebrow is determined according to the eyebrow condition of the person, and the process is completed after the threads compatible with the skin are fixed in the skull.


Is there any pain during and after the procedure?

You will not feel anything because you are under local anesthesia during the procedure. After the procedure you will not feel any pain that disturbs you, you may return to your daily life. Mild swelling may occur only within the first 1-2 days

How long is the processing time?

Processing time is maximum 40 minutes.

When may I see the effect of the application?

You can see right after the application is finished.

What is the permanence of the application?

The thread type to be used is determined according to your preference. 2- year or 5- year permanent thread options are available.

Can the process be renewed after it loses its effect?

Yes, it is a renewable process.