The outside skin creams we apply and the solitions feed more the upper side of the skin and revives it. But the derma of the skin is the part that is in need of revival actually. It is an effective treatment metod that is based on injecting some mixtures such as mesolifting, vitamins, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid into the lower portion of the skin.

Mezolifting (Cilt Mezoterapisi)

Effect of Mesolifting

It provides the renewal of skin by increasing the generation of collagen and elastin Skin takes a brighter appearance. Droops decrease by decreasing the flexibility.

In which problems is mesolifting effective?

It is effective for elimination the droops and elderliness effects which occur in face, neck décolleté and hands.

Treatment Process

Treatment is in form injecting the prepared the mixture under skin. Operation which is performed with micro injectors do not include pain or aches or have in tolerable levels. Patient can continue to daily life after treatment.

Warnings for post treatment

Directs sunlight should not be exposed just after treatment.

Session Durations and Number of Sessions

Sessions last for average 20-30 minutes and satisfactory results can be obtained after two sessions which are applied with one month interval and continuation sessions which will be applied after 3-6 months.