Although aging is a natural process people has been looking for ways to reverse it throughout history . Prior to the year 2000, also in today rejuvenation, there is very much in the name of the desire to look younger. . Even with the increase of technological advances nowadays rejuvenation, the desire to look young, especially by women are even more in demand.

CO2 Fraksiyonel Lazerle Yüz Germe

Why is skin aged?

Genetically factors, stress, sun, being sleepless, working conditions and food habits cause skin easily aging and contradictory with this skin continuously renews it self and repairs the effects of aging. Of course repair ratio in cells slow down after certain age. Skin's collagen production decreases, and aging indications such as skin loosening, wrinkles, sun spots, and gradually thinning of skin appears gradually.

Can We Prevent Skin Aging?

Unfortunately medicine does not have any invention which prevents skin's aging but it is possible to delay aging. Strengthening the ligament of skin and therefore increasing the collagen production triggers the skin to enter natural repair process and slows down aging.

Skin Rejuvenating with Laser

It is a treatment method which is based on scanning the skin with laser beams, transforming the laser beams into heat and increasing the collagen production here. Collagen production provides a tissue formation with itself. And this provides the skin to have stretched and lively appearance.

Laser Type Which is Used in Treatment

Co2 fractional laser beams are used in treatment.

Co2 Fractional Laser System

Co2 fractional laser beams is an effective treatment method which can effect the above and under part of skin. It opens microchannels in skin and trigger collagen generation.

Treatment Process

Micro wounds which occur in skin after Co2 fractional laser treatment appears as slight redness. Scabs which occur later will lose their effect slowly. Skin will return to normal situation approximately 1-2 weeks later. Increase in collagen generation and renewal of ligament and visible recovery in skin will start 2-3 months later from treatment end and will continue around 12-18 months.

Number of Sessions

As well as generally single session can be sufficient, treatment can be applied up to 6 sessions.

Session duration and Session Intervals.

Session duration is average 2*-30 minutes. 2-4 weeks are foreseen as interval between sessions.

Warnings Before Treatment

Before the treatment;

  •  Sunbathing and solarium should be avoided,
  • Medicines(aspirin, coraspin, plavix vs.) which prevent the coagulation should not be taken.
  • Medicines which are frequently used in Acne treatment such as Isotretinoin and Retinoid group should not be taken.
  • People who had experience fever blister (herpes) problem before, should share this information with their doctor.
  • Peeling and similar operations should be avoided, if peeling operation was performed doctor should be informed.

Warnings Post treatment

After treatment; - Direct sunlight should not be exposed and solarium should be avoided. This sensitivity should be applied for 6 months period as possible. Sun protective materials having high factor should be used in this period. Wearing hat and eyeglasses in summer are within preventive measures.

  • First day shower should not be taken, Warm shower should be preferred for 1 week period.
  • Peeling operation should be avoided for 1-2 months period.
  • There is no inconvenience to make up after one week.