Dr. Nihat Dik - Medikal Estetik HekimiAfter graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Istanbul University in the year 1997, he continued his education in Germany. He carried out some studies on the area of aesthetics in Frankfurt. Following his return to Turkey, our doctor who started working in Eczacıbaşı / Baxter worked as a Responsible Doctor for three (3) years period of time.

He could not resist the hyperactive spirit inside him any more and then he established Capa Maya Polyclinic which is considered the foundation of the Maya Aesthetics offices in the year 2004. In a short period of time, our doctor was being mentioned very frequently and implemented Maya Laser and Maya Pharma in the year 2009 with the influence of his entrepreneur genes and his desire of directing the sector and in order to bring the equipments and materials which are used in the medical aesthetics applications to Turkey and for the purpose of discovering some new technologies in the world of beauty, instead of dealing with the problematic issues of the sector.

When he understood the every conditions are met he started branches. He delivered the Maya Aesthetic brand to more than tens of branches after than 2011.

Dr.Nihat Dik also established Maya Aesthetician Course which grants certificates which hare approved by the Ministry of National Education with an extensive education program with the opinion and purpose of eliminating the lack of specialized aestheticians in line with such developments and further Maya Academy which would address larger masses of people in the year 2014.

While continuing his job which he devoted with love and enthusiasm, he is actively dealing with his patients and nourishes Maya Aesthetics Group with the brand-new ideas in his mind and keeps the energy in his enterprises always active and vivid as well.