We know health is a global concept, Maya Aesthetic, which provides the best service in the sector is constantly expanding it is staff with the development in the business world and the grow up in it is own field. As we continue our journey with faith and love all people, we may need new teammates to keep our dynamism in the business life.

It primarily examines candidates in the human resources database for vacant positions resulting from needs change or task change. In cases where candidates in the database are not sufficient, job applicants are evaluated by publishing job advertisements. In this case, you can go one step ahead of all other candidates by filling in the application form on your right!

If the applicant evaluates your application positively at the conclusion of the application, a special interview day will be set up for you to be interviewed and an interview will be offered if you are eligible.

We also want you to know that:

Any job application you make to any of the Maya Group's businesses will be kept for one year in accordance with the privacy principles of the human resources department and will not be shared with anyone other than the relevant company executives.